Yolli Review

Yolli Product Review

A little while ago now, the lovely folk at Yolli let me choose a few goodies to review.

With a generous budget (considering how cheap their products are!); I picked out a card cupcake stand which came with cases and wraps, as well as some sprinkles and a set of piping attachments.

Unfortunately I completely lost the coupler for my icing bag (so I’ll be ordering a new one asap!), so I couldn’t test the piping attachments, and the sprinkles also stayed in their packet in the end as the icing on the cakes I made was so catastrophic I didn’t want to waste the sprinkles!

I’ll be sure to use the icing attachments and sprinkles next time I get baking (which I’m sure won’t be too far from now…). However, from appearance alone the piping attachments are really great quality, and the sprinkles look yum!

Anyway, on with a look at the cupcake stand!

Yolli cake stand

I’ve always wanted to be able to present something I’ve baked properly, rather than just trying to desperately squeeze them onto a plate. Admittedly, I haven’t really ever had an occasion to showcase cupcakes anyway, but it was nice to set up a stand and take a few snaps regardless.

The pack comes with a build-yourself cardboard stand comprising of 3 tiers. It’s really simple to push together so will take you less than 2 minutes to slot everything into place, plus if you’re really careful in dismantling the stand you can use it again!

Paper cake stand

You can see that the holes are designed for holding the cakes (to make them sit upright you do have to push them in a bit, but it does work).The stand itself is pretty sturdy considering its made of relatively thin card, just as long as you push everything into place properly so the centre or tiers are not wonky!

Also contained within the pack are some plain white cake cases, as well as bright neon pretty wraps made out of paper. Despite being made out of paper, they are not at all flimsy, and are easy to wrap around the cake case and press into place.

Cupcakes on paper cake stand
And here’s how it looks! Excuse the embarrassingly runny butter icing and instead concentrate on having a fun novelty display to look at! I think this stand is great for a funky afternoon tea, or for taking along to use for a cake sale.
The great thing about the white stand too is that you could get creative and paint or even colour it in if you wish!
Huge thanks to Yolli for sending me the products, I definitely recommend you check out the site if you are after some great value baking bits!
Disclaimer: Yolli sent me these products to review, but all opinions are my own.

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