Why you should read The Walking Dead comics

The Walking Dead comic Volume 1

When I had finished watching Season 3 of the TV show, there was a hole in my life that needed to be filled. In comes The Walking Dead comics.

I’d like to say I made the decision to start reading them all by myself like a big girl, but it actually took some badgering from Liam, who swiftly made his way through the released graphic novels. He was addicted and I had to have a slice of the action.

I am currently up to Volume 8, where something pretty major has happened, but apparently there is definitely more to come. The good thing about the comics is that after around volume 3, it goes down a different road to the TV show (or I should say that the TV show goes down a different road to the comics, seeing as the comics came out first). The comics are markedly darker than the TV show (which may seem surprising to anyone who finished watching the latest season), and some of the characters which are in both the comics and the TV show are actually quite different across the 2 mediums.Take for example Andrea – without giving anything away about the show, she is pretty much useless and seen as a bit of a slut. I’m sorry, but it’s true. However, in the comics she is quite badass, and much more admirable. Another notable difference is that you think they put the titular character Rick Grimes through a lot in the TV show, but the comics are really quite ruthless to him.

A character that is created by the TV show is in fact my favourite character (Daryl Dixon, the redneck), so it is initially quite disappointing that his type of character doesn’t exist in the comics (at least not so far). However, other characters in the comics do make up for it, and the storytelling is just incredible.

Considering my obsession with comic book art work, I’ve surprised myself for leaving it this far down in my post to discuss it. All of the artwork in the comic books/graphic novels is black and white. The only colour is on the covers. I was at first a bit concerned about this because I love beautifully coloured comic art, but I’ve really grown used to it, and actually appreciate it as a decision by the artists.

So why should you read The Walking Dead comics? Because the storytelling is amazing, the art work is awesome, and if you like the TV show you are guaranteed to love the comics. If you haven’t seen the show or read the comics, sort your life out.

The Walking Dead comics artwork


  1. Cherokee

    Been meaning to pick these up for years, and I really do mean years!

    Nice write-up about the series, and thanks for being an (indirect) reminder for me to start reading these comics.

    Also, if you haven't already, you should check out The Walking Dead game. My other half has been playing it for the last couple of days and it has been awesome. Managed to nab it in a Steam sale the other day, too, so I can get a working on that! I think it is definitely a game you would enjoy, though. Different paths to take and a lot of choices and decisions to make.

    I just followed you on your new home, too! Looking forward to what else you've got coming up.

  2. Cat Fyson

    Aww, thanks for the comment hun 🙂

    You *really* must start reading, I know you'll love them.

    I have played some of TWD game on my ipad, it's awesome but because you have to play it with earphones in (subtitles just don't do it for me), I rarely play it. I'm still on the first episode which is meant to be really short…it is a really clever game though.

    Thanks for the follow 🙂 I promise ther will be more coming soon…I have been unwell the past few days so am lagging a bit with new posts x

  3. Cherokee

    Thought I'd comment back here to let you know I finally got round to playing The Walking Dead game and it is excellent. Even ending up crying at the end which, well, that never happens with games since I probably haven't played enough ones where I have been really emotionally attached to the characters.

    You should totally go and play it if you haven't carried on! The game itself isn't too long either about 10 – 12 hrs, I guess depending on the choices you make will alter a bit of the time.

  4. Katie

    Jumped to this post from your 'About' page as soon as I saw the link. I love TWD comics! My boyfriends stepdad has up to Volume 19 so I've read those and will now have to wait until I have the cash to buy the rest. I want to catch up with them so bad! Are you up to date with the comics now? The last big thing I remember happening (it's been a few months since I read them) is the Lucille incident. I was NOT expecting that and I'm hoping the TV show doesn't go down that route, at least not with that character… although they have been dropping hints, such teases.

    Are you still watching the TV series as well?

  5. Cat Fyson

    Yay! I'm so glad there's another fan of the comics 🙂 Well you're not far off where they've got to so far…I think they're up to 21 or 22! So yeah, I'm completely up to date 🙂

    I do watch the show! I'm hoping they introduce Lucille's owner soon 😉 such a great character! But yeah, going to be pretty traumatising in the show.


  6. Katie

    Oh, cool! I thought I was way behind by now but that's not so bad.

    Yeah, I can't wait for him to appear, such a character! Although I wonder if they'll change him much. They don't seem to have much swearing in the TV show but I can't imagine a non-sweary version of him, ha. He can't be too far away now that they're at Alexandria! Maybe the next series. x

  7. Cat Fyson

    Yeah it's not too bad at all – you're almost there!

    Well Abraham was a very sweary character in the comics, and they've still essentially kept the essence of his character, so I think it's possible. I think they've amped up the controversial elements in the show recently (some of the deaths and events that happen have gotten a bit grittier) in preparation for the violence this new character is notorious for!

    I reckon given the shows pattern of dragging out the comic storylines that he will either be introduced at the end of the next season, or around the middle/end of the following season. x

  8. Katie

    That's very true and I hadn't actually even noticed that about TV Abraham! So good point, there are so many other elements to his personality, I'm sure they could still pull his character off. And the last few episodes were definitely grittier; the deaths a couple of episodes before the finale – BRUTAL!

    Not that I want to wish time away but, talking about this, I so can't wait for the next series already! I'll have to catch up on the comics to tide me over. x

  9. Cat Fyson

    Yeah definitely! Very gritty, glad it's going that way as I was especially worried that they had toned down Rick, but nope! Angry Rick is my favourite.

    I know, exciting! Still, *so* long to wait 🙁 x

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