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Buy Xanax Generic Online

July 26, 2015
Buy Ambien Zolpidem

Social media, in particular Pinterest, as well as an increasing number of blogs are awash with motivational quotes and expressions all about “doing what you love”, giving up the 9 to 5 and dedicating all of your time, efforts and energy to pursuing that one burning passion 24 hours a day.

I’m not here to tell you to ignore that. But I am here to say that your life will not be a miserable failure if you don’t turn that hobby into a career.

If you have been able to do what you love full time (or are striving to), I’m not here to tell you’re wrong for doing so, either. I simply want to share my opinions on why you don’t have to follow this (frankly overused) expression.

I was inspired to write this after seeing the topic covered over on Chapter Friday. The link to that article appears at the end of this post if you also want to check that out.

Buy Xanax Generic Online

As much as I love blogging, the idea of running more about cat as a full-time job sounds like an absolute nightmare to me. I personally enjoy having blogging as an escape from the 9-5.

I have written blog posts (amongst a plethora of other things) for a living before, and I got bored. I didn’t feel at all challenged in what I was doing, and it all felt quite samey.

Don’t get me wrong – not for a second do I believe that those who have their hobby as a job do not face challenges. However, I strive in a working environment where I am outside of my comfort zone, and any of my limited number of hobbies are very much within my comfort zone.

The pressure of success.

Throughout my adult life, I have always been career-minded. I am totally OK with the pressure of success in my career, but the pressure of success for something that I currently enjoy doing in my spare time does not appeal to me at all.

Being a creative, and in particular a blogger, you are truly bombarded with competition from left, right and centre. The pressure to stand out amongst that sounds genuinely terrifying.

The work/life balance.

I feel like if I was to work full time on blogging, or any of my hobbies, I would really struggle to find that line between work and leisure time. It would be one hellova blurry line.

I really admire those who can work from home and ‘close the door’ (so to speak) on their working day, on time, and truly relax. I don’t think I could do that.

You can read the Chapter Friday post Buy Ambien Online Uk

14 responses to “Why You Don’t Have To ‘Do What You Love’ For A Living”

  1. Interesting. I definitely agree with keeping something as a hobby as a hobby (if that's what you want) as a release from work, the minute you add pressures of making money and lose the flexibility of stepping away if you want to then the job aspects can make something you loved just another job.

    However, I do think there's something to be said for loving what you do for a living. For the past two years I've had a job which I love, as opposed to a job I enjoy but don't love. It makes the world of difference!

    Lisa | Order Phentermine 37.5 From Canada

  2. I totally agree with this! When your hobby becomes your job, it inevitably will turn into a chore and there will be so much pressure on you as well. I saw a video of a conference the other day where the keynote speaker said that if you don't absolutely love your job then you should stop right now, and I personally think that that's ridiculous. There's always going to be things you don't like about your job, that's just how the cookie crumbles. Even if you're a full time blogger there will be things you hate doing, like filling out tax forms or something. I think it's important to keep your hobbies seperate from your job because that's what they are, they are things you do in your spare time. Not that I could make it as a full time blogger anyway 😛

  3. Definitely agree! I think if you can find a job you love then that's fantastic, my point really was that you don't *have* to and that there's nothing wrong with keeping them separated. x

  4. Amen, sister! Of course not everyone is going to love every single aspect of their job, every single day. Every job, even those that sound a dream, will have their stressful elements. x

  5. I opened up this post thinking to myself–agree!! You don't have to make what you love doing for a living to be happy. If only because it an become a replacement for what you currently dread doing on a daily basis.

    Truth is, competition is everywhere, even at your place of work even though it isn't as evident as you might expect. There it might be in the way of the next promotion opportunity.I don't know. As much as I dislike the idea of actively taking part in competitive activities, I've slowly come to terms with the fact that it's always around.

    I've also come to terms with the idea that work life balance is sort of a myth. I work in an environment where I'm sort of always on call and have to deal with it.

    Anyway, really loved your perspective! Ty!

    Ambien Get High

  6. Exactly! 🙂 So glad you agree. Competition really is everywhere if you want to succeed in anything really!

    I think the work/life balance can exist, but gets more difficult the more you care about the job x

  7. An interesting post, I can see what you mean about the work/life balance and how it would be hard if your hobby became your job. Yet at the same time I do love the idea of having a job that is also a hobby. Its a difficult one!

  8. I think it's different strokes for different folks…for me, it seems like a nice idea on the surface, but I am fairly certain I'd end up fed up of that hobby or interest if it became a job! x

  9. This is such an interesting post, it's true we are bombarded by 'do what you love' quotes everywhere. It can sometimes make you feel a bit of a failure when you're just doing the 9-5. I think the most important thing is to have a job you enjoy (whether that be your hobby or not) and some hobbies which help you escape from work too.

    I do agree though, I'm certainly not sure I would love blogging so much if I felt that pressure on it all the time. I know I would never be able to switch off either! X

  10. Thank you! I completely agree with you – I like having my hobbies as an 'escape' definitely. x

  11. I absolutely LOVE that there are people out there that share my view on this topic. I actually wrote a post recently – Soma 350Mg Carisoprodol! – about exactly the same thing. I couldn't agree more with this entire post!

    Valium To Order

  12. Thanks hun! Will have to check out your post 🙂 x

  13. Coming from someone who occasionally has a mini crisis about finding THE career/job I really love, this was refreshing to read. I'm not sure I'll ever figure it out so, as you suggest, maybe I ought to focus on doing the things I love outside of work. 🙂

  14. Thanks hun. I think freak outs are totally normal, and we never really feel completely settled with our careers! At least I don't think I do haha! x

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