Social media, in particular, Pinterest, as well as an increasing number of blogs are awash with motivational quotes and expressions all about “doing what you love”, giving up the 9 to 5 and dedicating all of your time, efforts and energy to pursuing that one burning passion 24 hours a day.

I’m not here to tell you to ignore that. But I am here to say that your life will not be a miserable failure if you don’t turn that hobby into a career.

If you have been able to do what you love full time (or are striving to), I’m not here to tell you’re wrong for doing so, either. I simply want to share my opinions on why you don’t have to follow this (frankly overused) expression.

I was inspired to write this after seeing the topic covered over on Chapter Friday. The link to that article appears at the end of this post if you also want to check that out.

Keeping what you love as a hobby.

As much as I love blogging, the idea of running more about cat as a full-time job sounds like an absolute nightmare to me. I personally enjoy having blogging as an escape from the 9-5.

I have written blog posts (amongst a plethora of other things) for a living before, and I got bored. I didn’t feel at all challenged in what I was doing, and it all felt quite samey.

Don’t get me wrong – not for a second do I believe that those who have their hobby as a job do not face challenges. However, I strive in a working environment where I am outside of my comfort zone, and any of my limited number of hobbies are very much within my comfort zone.

The pressure of success.

Throughout my adult life, I have always been career-minded. I am totally OK with the pressure of success in my career, but the pressure of success for something that I currently enjoy doing in my spare time does not appeal to me at all.

Being creative, and in particular a blogger, you are truly bombarded with competition from left, right and centre. The pressure to stand out amongst that sounds genuinely terrifying.

The work/life balance.

I feel like if I was to work full time on blogging, or any of my hobbies, I would really struggle to find that line between work and leisure time. It would be one hellova blurry line.

I really admire those who can work from home and ‘close the door’ (so to speak) on their working day, on time, and truly relax. I don’t think I could do that.

You can read the Chapter Friday post here.