Why I’m Falling Out With Facebook

Recently I’ve started to start disliking Facebook. From the ‘Recommended Posts’ to the awfully targeted ads – not to mention the spammy content that keeps filling my news feed. Most people are annoyed by the status updates that can range from passive aggression through to all out boasting, but I can’t really have too many gripes with that because I too have been guilty of all of the Facebook update sins. Instead, I must rant about their advertising.

I don’t think it’s really fair of the site to start shoving brand pages in my face based on my ‘interests’ (which most of the time they are not). The sidebar ads annoy me to no end, but it’s the ones that clog up my news feed which offend me the most.
No, I’m not interested in a special offer on food delivery boxes, and no I have no interest in the latest cosmetic offers. You do not know me at all, Facebook. Start recommending me content based around film, TV and graphic novels – then I might start paying attention.
The main reason I now use Facebook is the Messages function, to post the occasional pointless status (at least I’ll admit I do it,) and add photos from time to time. It’s even rarer for me to engage with brand pages. I just don’t follow the brands that are posting interesting things (other than Waterstones, who I think do a great job).
Maybe I should be to blame for the fact I haven’t found the brands that I am more likely to engage with – but I actually think it should be down to Facebook to show me the right stuff. That’s what the purpose of their advertising function is, surely? Although, working for the industry that I do (digital marketing), I have read, as well as heard from clients, all sorts of criticisms of the way Facebook works.
So from my experience, it seems that Facebook’s way of doing things isn’t working for businesses or the end user – the focus is turning to more sponsored posts, but the targeting is not doing its job. Shame on you Facebook. I’m embarrassed to still be addicted to you.
Do you have any gripes with Facebook? Let me know in the comments.

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