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Generic Phentermine Not Working

August 20, 2013

Feedly blog reader

Ever since us bloggers were first alerted that Google Reader was closing down, we all seemed to have a bit of a panic and run towards BlogLovin’ as a solution to our problems. Very few of us however considered the sort-of-replacement for Google Reader, because really Google Reader wasn’t all that great.

For me though, Bloglovin’ isn’t great either. I quite liked HelloCotton whilst that lasted, but I decided to follow the pack for a little while. I do have a Buy Ambien Zolpidem, so that those of you who do use the site and want to follow my blog can do so easily on there, but I have to admit that I no longer use it myself.

Instead, I’m using Buy Ambien Online Uk because it’s easier to use, makes it much quicker to organise blogs (when you’re going through Bloglovin’ deleting blogs that are no longer updated, it is such a time consuming task), and it looks a hell of a lot nicer too – both on my laptop, and on my iPad.

Above is how it looks on my laptop – on the left of the screenshot is all the lifestyle blogs I’m following, and the number next to them indicates how many posts are unread. You can mark articles as read if you don’t intend on reading them (and you can do it in bulk too, marking every article as read, or all of the articles for one blog). In the middle is the feed. It will show all the posts uploaded that day first and you can then scroll to see older blog posts as well.

Feedly lets you read the posts on its own interface, or you can click through to the blog itself.

Here’s how it looks on my iPad mini (although this picture doesn’t really do it justice). Feedly has its own App for Apple and Android, and the interface is lovely.

Believe it or not, I was not asked or paid by Feedly to write about it – I just wanted to share how good it is for those that might be disillusioned by BlogLovin’ or other alternatives.

Have you ever used Feedly?

4 responses to “Why I Use Feedly To Read Your Blogs”

  1. I loveFeedly! I use it all the time from my ipad. If only Blogger would make commenting from the iPad easier (and more reliable) then everything would be wonderful!

  2. Yay! Glad I'm not the only one. I wanted to share Feedly with other bloggers because I like it so much. Oh god yeah it's a nightmare commenting…I might download the Chrome app and log in to my Google account and hope that it works better!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I will have to have a look at this (I'm not very techno savvy!)

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