Who is your Wonder Of The World?

Wonders of the World campaign with Work The World

Before Christmas, I was contacted by Work The World, a great company that provide placements around the world for healthcare students – what an amazing cause, right?!
They asked me who my Wonder of the World is – that one person who has really had a positive impact on you and really deserves recognition for it, and naturally I had to choose my wonderful Mum. My Mum is my Wonder of the World because she’s not only a brilliant Mum, but she’s also a best friend. We are so very similar that it is like having a twin who truly understands you.
To show my Mum my appreciation, Tom from Work The World let me pick out a beautiful Fortnum & Mason hamper (and I had to resist the urge to send it to myself 😉 ).
Browsing the lovely hampers, it was difficult to pick the perfect one – but in the end I landed on the Blenheim Hamper, as I knew my Mum would love it!
Naturally, I decided against telling my Mum it was being delivered so that she had a nice surprise. She Facetimed me on the day it arrived (despite the fact I was due to see her a few hours later!), and she looked so happy and excited! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy :).
I’m pleased to report that she loved the gifts in the hamper, and the whole family were hooked on the goodies! …I know I should have taken a trip home after it arrived!
Big thanks to Work the World for arranging such a wonderful gift for my Mum – you can find out about Work The World here.
Disclaimer: Work the World reached out to me and sent the Fortnum & Mason hamper to my Wonder of the World as compensation for this post.


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