Whittard Of Chelsea Praline Hot Chocolate

Praline hot chocolate
As one of my Christmas gifts this year, I got this Praline Hot Chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea. I added it to my wishlist because I love Guylian chocolate, and I figured this hot chocolate may taste similar. I decided to give it a whirl a few weeks ago, to see if it lived up to my expectations.

Hot chocolate gift set

The set comes with a small sachet of hot chocolate powder in the grey tin, and a packet of mini marshmallows in the pink one. I’m a sucker for nice packaging, and these are too perfect. I poured the packs straight into their corresponding sections before beginning to make my first mug of the stuff.
I decided to test the flavour using my usual hot chocolate method (aka the lazy one) – with both hot water, and a small amount of milk – not to forget the whipped cream on top!
So first of all, I add a heaped teaspoon, plus another half teaspoon to the mug whilst the kettle is boiling. Then I add a splash of milk (enough to create a mixture with the powder). Next, stir vigorously until the mix is combined and a little frothy. 
Once the kettle is boiled, slowly add the hot water whilst continuously stirring so that you keep the mix frothy. 
Finally, add the spray cream and mini marshmallows. Leave the hot chocolate to cool for a few minutes, allowing the mini marshmallows to melt a little.
How to make hot chocolate
Et voilà! The completed hot chocolate! I love how it gets all bubbly around the edge as the marshmallows melt.  
So what’s the verdict of the praline taste? Well, it definitely tastes nice, but is not dissimilar to a normal hot chocolate taste. I imagine the praline taste is probably most prominent when just using milk rather than my milk/water combo! Lesson learnt for next time.
Have you tried this, or any other Whittard of Chelsea hot chocolate flavours? I also have their luxury orange flavour to try out too.

P.S. you can probably tell I’m still working on my DSLR skills  slowly getting to grips with the camera but still need to work on focusing!

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  1. Lauren Hay

    I've never tried this specific companys hot chocolate! But I've been using the options mint hot chocolate for this past winter/autumn season! I love the taste and I'll admit I always just do water/milk and not just milk. I also never using whip cream, not much of a fan of it!

  2. Cat Fyson

    Options are quite good too, I like their Belgian Chocolate! 🙂 Water and milk is just so much easier isn't it? But I do love whipped cream!

  3. Cat Fyson

    You just have to have the whole package with cream and marshmallows don't you? Much nicer!

    Glad you came to visit, love the forum and will certainly be looking to post on there more when I have some more time!

  4. Jessica Rosee

    I've got the mint version which is loverly, especially with some added Baileys 😉 I got the orange one for Christmas too but yet to try it! I got my boyfriend the Rocky Road one, it tastes nice, a bit biscuity but no real hint of cherry so a bit disappointing. I'm intrigued by the banoffee one too. Oh what the hell all of them I want to try!

  5. Cat Fyson

    Oooh! Not sure I'd like that but an interesting combo! I'll have a review of the orange flavour up this weekend, curious to see if you agree! I decided against the rocky road one because I'm not a cherry fan, but maybe I'd like it if the taste isn't there as much!

    Haha, there's tooo many nice flavours!

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