Whittard Of Chelsea Luxury Orange Hot Chocolate

Orange hot chocolate

Following on from my recent review of their praline flavour, I decided to give the other Whittard of Chelsea gift I got for Christmas a go. This luxury orange hot chocolate doesn’t come in a nifty gift set this time, but I do still love the packaging.

When you first open up one of these tubs, the smell is always amazing. This time round it smelt like Belgian chocolate with an undertone of orangey goodness. I was looking forward to giving it a go, so decided to make up a mug using all milk instead of my classic hot water/milk mix, and of course add some whipped cream.

The best way, I find, to make a nice rich hot chocolate using just milk is to add the desired amount of chocolate powder (Whittard suggest 3 heaped teaspoons, which for me is way too much – I go for 2 in this instance) to the mug, then a splash of cold milk and stir it until the powder has blended with the milk. Then add the rest of the milk and stick it in the microwave.

To avoid the milk burning, I put the mug in for 1 minute, then remove and stir. Repeat this until the drink is warm enough. Finally, add the whipped cream and tuck in!

So how does it taste? Rich. Very, very rich. I think the orange is derived from orange oil or something – it’s really fragrant and on initial taste is just like a Terry’s Chocolate orange, but then that zestiness kicks up a notch and becomes a bit much. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it was just a bit more orangey than I expected.

Have you tried this flavour, or any other flavours from Whittard of Chelsea? Any to recommend?

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