When You Know It’s Just The PMS Talking…

PMS symptoms

I never usually talk about periods and stuff on the blog. There’s not really any reason why. Whilst I’m not all “yassss menstruation is art let’s paint pictures with it”, I’m not exactly prudish. I just don’t generally find it at the top of the list of topics to talk about because I’d rather have a chat about my confusing feelings for Negan from The Walking Dead. I know I’m supposed to find him terrifying, but I just find him terrifyingly attractive.

But anyway, I thought I would talk about periods – about PMS in particular because for as long as I can remember I have turned into a demon from hell for a few days around every cycle. It usually starts a couple of days before, and might even last a couple of days into it as well. Everyone around me (particularly Liam) is so lucky to have me in their lives.

So I thought I’d share a reminder for all my fellow females of how to tell when it’s just the PMS talking and you’re not actually mad/sad/demonic.

you want to flip a table at least twice a day. but about five minutes after that rage builds you can’t even really pin down a legit/valid reason why you felt it in the first place.

tea tree oil becomes your best friend. so I don’t know if I can fully blame my hormones for the latest dot to dot happening around my chin, because my other best friend is chocolate. either way, that tea tree oil stick from the body shop is earning its keep.

happy things make you cry. I’m fairly certain I was experiencing a bit of PMS when I saw Cursed Child and that is my final answer to the question “was it really necessary to cry twice because of how much you were enjoying it?”.

mildly sad things make you cry, too. basically everything makes you cry.

you can only manage minimal effort with your fashion choices. ok so maybe this is me all of the time, but especially when the PMS train pulls into the station. Jeans, baggy top and boots will do just fine Monday – Saturday. Sunday is about the trackie bottoms and dressing gown look.

junk food is the only food worth eating. even though you just know it’s going to make the bloat (and the skin) even worse. mac n cheese or pizza (or preferably a mac n cheese topped pizza) are the one.

doing anything that requires effort is too much. am I the only one that becomes extra slob-like when PMSing? I’m pretty lazy in the evenings after work anyway but it’s a whole other level when my period is due.

you might as well have not washed your hair. maybe this is just me but my hair always gets crazy greasy and flat around lady times and it’s annoying af because you also don’t have the energy to wash and blow dry it everyday because of all the junk food and being lazy and bloat and exhaustion from being mad, sad or demonic.

oh… and everyone and everything bothers you. ’nuff said.


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