When In Rome…Day 4: Wandering Like Tourists (Seeing the Pantheon and Piazzas)

Trevi Fountain Statue
Pantheon in Rome, Italy
Chocolate cornetto croissant Italy
Pantheon fountain
Della Palma Gelato
On our last day in Rome, we decided to go with the flow and tick some more monuments off our list. We’d seen the Colosseum, Vatican City and the Baths of Caracalla, so it was time to track down the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.
Unfortunately, the Trevi Fountain was out of action and surrounded by scaffolding. It was pretty impressive to be able to take the first photo of this post of the fountain with just a hint of construction in it. If I say so myself. The area was still buzzing with tourists though, so we quickly moved on in search of the Pantheon.
In the process, we did end up taking one or two wrong turns, but got there in the end. Again, the area was pretty busy and by then our stomachs were grumbling for breakfast. We made what I thought was going to be a terrible decision by deciding to get breakfast from a cafe on the same square as the Pantheon, Ritorno Al Passato. I expected a sky high bill for a less than average breakfast, but we got the opposite.
I had a toasted sandwich, whilst Liam had jam on toast. We both got a ‘cornetto’, which is basically the Italian name for a croissant, and the best glass of freshly squeezed orange juice we had ever had. The service here was excellent, and the food matched. The bill was also less than 30 euros, definitely cheaper than we expected.
As if croissants and toast was not enough to fuel our morning, we went in search for some gelato. Della Palma stood out with its offering of over 150 different flavours, and 2 euros 50 cents each bought us 2 scoops. I went for chocolate and strawberry, Liam opted for banana and Fruitti Di Bosco which is a combination of different berries.
The fruit flavours were a little too sweet for us, but the chocolate was lovely and rich. If you ever find yourself near Piazza della Maddalena, I’d recommend sampling some chocolatey flavours (they let you try a flavour before committing to it).


Piazza Navona Fountain sculpture
Pepperoni pizza at Antico Ristorante Caffe Capranica
Pasta Pomodoro at Antico Ristorante Caffe Capranica
After our gelato experimentation, we further explored the local piazzas, including the Piazza Navona. Navona is a huge open square with lots of cafes, shops and side streets. There were also street performers, and the standard self stick touters (seriously, there were so many of them everywhere in Rome!).
Navona also has two stunning fountains, and benches to sit down and people watch. As it was so hot, we had to take a breather on one of the benches and watch the world go by for a little while.
It wasn’t long before we decided it was time to find somewhere to have some lunch, and Liam was finally able to find a pizza menu with more than just Margherita on it! My pasta pomodoro was really tasty, and again the service we got from Antico Ristorante Caffe Capranica was quite decent (a little slow at the end, but that seems to be standard in Rome).
Lazio region white wine
Squeezing lemon juice on calamari
Pasta and meatballs Rome
Rare beef with balsamic gravy
Chocolate fondant
After hours of walking around in the sun, it was time to head back to the hotel and relax before heading out for our dinner. I’ll admit, all the culture made me super sleepy and I ended up having a nap! But it was all to prepare me for our final evening meal at L’Angoletto, a restaurant recommended by our hotel.
Before we even set foot in the restaurant, one of the waiters greeted us and pointed us to the menu. Not in that pushy “you are now obliged to eat here” way, but in a helpful “hey, you might be interested in dining with us” sort of way. We hadn’t had a lot of that in Rome. The light above the menu had broken, and the waiter went out of his way to get it fixed so we could have a look at our options. Bless him.
We both found several meals on the menu that appealed to us, so it was an easy decision. We were seated outside with our choice of table, and left the peruse the menus. As we had some euros left to spend, we wanted to splash out a little with a nice bottle of wine. The waiter had a great grasp of English and made us feel at ease in our choice to ask for a recommendation – I was expecting to be recommended the top of the scale priced wine, but he actually showed us two which were both under 40 euros. We opted for the local dry white wine which was just 20 euros for the bottle (it was really lovely, too!).
Liam decided to “eat the Italian way”, with four dishes (calamari, meatballs, beef with blue cheese, fruit salad). He regretted it. The food was all lovely, but his British eyes were much bigger than his British stomach. We’re not built to handle so much food!
I was a bit more sensible (although ordered a cured meat platter for starters which was definitely for more than one person!), followed by beef with balsamic glaze and chocolate fondant for pudding. I also pretty munch inhaled a lot of bread and oils whilst we waited for our food, too. All the food was delicious, and the waiters were very attentive too.
L’Angoletto is about 5 minutes walk from the Pantheon, and was 10 minutes away from our hotel near Piazza Di Popolo. Seriously, pop in for dinner if you’re ever in the area!
So that’s it! The next morning was all about getting packed and ready, heading to the airport and flying home to rainy England! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts, I know they’ve been pretty long and picture heavy but I wanted to share as much of the experience as I could. I’ll be putting together a ‘travel tips’ post about Rome for you guys too soon, so stay tuned :)!


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