When In Rome…Day 3: Please Wear Sensible Shoes (Vatican City & Sistine Chapel)

Sistine Chapel ceiling
Perseus statue holding head of Medusa
Chapel with gold ceiling Vatican Museum

Roman marble carvings

Dome ceiling Vatican museum
Roman chapel in Vatican City
Full disclosure guys – I was an idiot on day three. I wore what I thought were my most comfortable shoes, but they failed me and almost completely ruined our visit to the Vatican Museums. Imagine this if you will…
We’re walking along on our way from the hotel to Vatican City. It’s a nice day, no rain like our previous days. All of a sudden I feel that first hint of rub on the back of my right foot. I think nothing of it, it’ll be fine.
Fast forward several hours later after walking around the Vatican and I’m in so much pain from the numerous cuts and blisters (nice) on my feet, that Liam has had to bravely step in and sacrifice his socks so that we can walk somewhere for lunch, and then back to the hotel without me crying. It was traumatic guys, and let’s just say didn’t make for the most enjoyable trip to such an incredible place.
But let’s not dwell on the negatives, you lot want to hear about the amazing architecture and art of the Vatican, right? Good.
There’s so much to see at the Vatican Museums – we spent hours there and I’m still not convinced we saw it all. But we saw an awful lot. It got to the point where I was getting a bit impatient that we hadn’t yet reached the Sistine Chapel. But maybe that was because I felt like I was walking on hot coals and needles.
Anyway, the first area of the Vatican Museums we saw was the Gregorian Egyptian Museum which was awesome because Ancient Egypt has always interested me. I’ve been to Egypt to a museum filled with mummies and all sorts, so it was quite cool to see a collection of all sorts of artefacts I hadn’t seen before.
As you travel around the museum, the Egyptian sculptures merge to Roman, with grand marble statues and incredibly intricate paintings and tapestries all depicting biblical references. To think that all surrounding you was created by hand is completely mind blowing. Particularly when you reach the Sistine.
But here in lies the problem. Not with the surroundings, because WOW… but because you get herded like cattle towards the exit within seconds of stepping into the chapel. They also tell you not to take photos, but pretty much everyone was snapping away regardless. It’s not every day you get a chance to see such an incredible ceiling. Amirite?
Overall, the Vatican Museums are well worth a visit if you find yourself in Rome – but for the love of all that is holy (is that a bit punny?), wear some comfy trainers.


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