Snapshots Of What’s On My ‘Dressing Table’

dressing table items

dressing table toiletries

motivation plaque

make up on dressing table

OK guys, full disclosure…I don’t really use a “dressing table”. I have a mirror perched on a window ledge, surrounded by stuff. So much stuff. Half the stuff I don’t use. For the purpose of this post, I thought I’d share a few snapshots of the things I do use!

You may have noticed I have a slight obsession with Body Shop products. I have more The Body Shop products than I actually know what to do with, but they do form a strong part of my daily routine. The Vitamin C face wash is a new addition, but I like it already. It makes my skin feel nice and soft and buffs away those pesky dead skin cells. Mmmm.

After using that, I use the Seaweed cleanser and toner (not pictured), and if it’s first thing in the morning, on goes the Hemp Face Protector, if it’s bedtime, on goes the Aloe Night Cream. At the moment given the cold weather, I also desperately rely upon the Hemp Hand Protector as well.

That bluey-purple pot of glory in the first image is my Neal’s Yard hydrating cream. I don’t use it as much at the moment, as I wanted to give the hemp cream a fair chance to compete, but it’s pretty banging. By which I mean, daaaamn it works well.

As I share a bathroom with the rest of my family who like to thief nice product, I keep my toiletries in my bedroom (yes really, ain’t no one got time for their brother stealing their fancy shampoo). This cardboard pot once housed a Cath Kidston mug, but now it is crazy helpful in keeping my shampoos and razors all in one place for me to quickly grab before hitting the shower.

You’ll notice that I’m a bit of a fan of motivational bits and pieces. I particularly like the heart ceramic quote that hangs from my mirror – it’s a pretty darn good attitude to start the day with, especially when you’re not feeling too pumped.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about my ‘make up collection’. Ha. I very rarely wear make up, so most beauty bloggers are probably laughing at the mere idea of me calling this little pot a ‘collection’. I swear by Soap & Glory’s Kickass Concealer – it does wonders when I need to hide the sins of eating too much junk food and full on breaking out like a teenage dirtbag. None of S&G’s other products have really done it for me, but this is a keeper. I pretty much never wear foundation, so I stick to this concealer and one of Maybelline’s matte powders to stop me shining like a beacon.

The rest of the pot is filled with lip balms. No word of a lie. No lipstick, mascara or eyeliner in sight. Surely my lack of MAC must be some sort of blogger sin?

Anyway, that’s a lil ol’ look at my “dressing table” space – what’s on yours?


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      Cat Fyson

      Thanks, I love it too…it’s a nice reminder on some days! I’m glad I’m not the only blogger who isn’t into their makeup 🙂 x

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