What’s Missing From Blogging?

what's missing from blogging according to bloggers

“What do you think is missing from blogging?”

That’s the question I asked recently on my Instagram story, purely out of curiosity. I didn’t really plan to write a post about it, but then as the answers started coming in, I began to wrap my brain around some of the common themes and whether I agreed with them or not.

As the responses were anonymous, it was interesting to see just how honest our fellow bloggers can be when it’s time to spill some tea. So, here are the responses and my general thoughts on them.


This was the most common answer I got, and it made me think about what authenticity in blogging is “supposed” to look like. To be authentic is to be genuine, and to not copy from others.

It’s easy to think that blogging is completely devoid of this now given how often we do see a familiar blog topic or a similar Instagram photo. But I don’t think blogging has run out of authentic figures at all. They’re just not as prevalent as the high rollers, with their tens of thousands (if not more) followers.

The problem we have as well is that now we live in an age where content is E’RYWHERE. It’s so difficult now to be unique, and blogging is a classic example of this because with millions of blogs being written and published every day, it’s harder than ever to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done before.

Authentic content to me is not so much about the topic, but the perspective. I want to know what ~you~ think about something, not what you feel you’re supposed to think. Surely that’s what anyone wants out of a blog post, whether it’s the third review this week that you’ve read about the latest makeup palette on the market or it’s a think piece about period poverty.


So I feel like this ties into authenticity quite a bit. I think every blogger feels the pressure to be original, but it doesn’t always translate into unique content.

The types of content that stand out (for the wrong reasons) to me are brand campaigns where the writer’s voice is lost. It’s a carbon copy of another blogger’s post because the brand has had too much of a say in what to write about.

Sometimes it’s best to take a step back from blogging and decide what makes you different. Look internally and figure out what makes your voice important to listen to. It is, I promise.

Any and every blog post you put out has the potential to be original because it’s come from you. Unless you’re one of those dickhead bloggers that steal content in which case you can gtfo and re-evaluate your life choices.


Maaate, if I had a £1 for every time the blogging community was dragged through the mud, I would finally have enough for a road trip around America.

For me, I don’t think the community as a whole really exists any more. I feel like there are smaller communities that have been split out from the larger group now. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does sometimes encourage cliquey behaviour and if you support that shit you can get in the bin.

The only way to “mend” the blogging community and to bring everyone back together again is to stop throwing shade at other bloggers all the time. Appreciate that bloggers, like humans (that’s what we are after all!), are different. Don’t like someone’s content? You know where the unfollow button is.


I’m in two minds about this, because to some degree I have to disagree. I think personality does still exist in blogging, but on the flip side, I feel like some of it is manufactured to match in order to try and achieve a formula for success.

But I don’t think it’s always deliberate. Sure, it definitely is sometimes when bloggers are straight up stealing each other’s writing style in order to try and appeal to the masses, but I think there are occasions where it’s just down to the fact that we tend to write in a similar style to what we read. You wouldn’t read a bunch of Stephen King and start writing romance novels, would you?

Personality is a key ingredient in appealing to an audience, so it’s never too late to assess who you are and who you want to be in this blogosphere.

What do you think is missing from blogging?

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  1. Jess

    Yes! I made it my mission to be more of what I want to see in a blogging community. That’s why I’m making more of an effort to comment on posts (iyahh!) and make blog posts that are true to me. I’m no longer striving for perfect or filtered, I want to be real and happy.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Post
  2. Kim

    This is such an interesting topic. I think it’s OK for posts to be about the same or similar topics as long as it’s a new or different take on it. Your opinion and views on something can definitely still be both authentic and original. As for the blogging community, most of the bloggers I’ve interacted are genuinely nice and supportive. However there are some that come across as very elitist.

    1. Post

      Definitely, agree with you on all counts! Sadly I think elitism will always exist in blogging unfortunately.

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