What’s In My Handbag?

Let’s face it, the “what’s in my handbag” posts are a real blogger stereotype. But I know you lot are a nosey bunch like me, so I thought I should weigh in with the clearly thrilling contents of the bag that is always slipping off my shoulder and causing me grief. 
First of all, the cursed umbrella. The pattern is pretty, but if there’s even a slight gust of wind it has a hissy fit and flips itself the wrong way round. Silly umbrella. Problem is, the stronger umbrellas are usually much bigger and therefore make little ol’ me look beyond ridiculous.
Next up, the work pass. I’ve been in my job for less than 3 months and I’ve already left this behind at Slimming World once. But my lovely consultant brought it back, so no slapped wrist for me!
Moving along, I might as well discuss the elephant in the room – why yes, I do have a matching purse and glasses case. I’m a sucker for a cute Cath Kidston print (also evidenced by my festive looking phone cover at the bottom there). So sue me.
My earphones don’t really get used all that much on the go – I use them quite a lot at work because I have to watch videos and upload them to Youtube as a minor part of my job, but I only ever used my earphones out and about when listening to Serial. Which was fascinating by the way, go check it out once you’ve come out from underneath that rock.
Onto the keys. I’ve had that same lanyard since I was at Uni. It’s a Magners one, when actually Magners is probably one of the worst ciders in existence. But they make a bloody handy lanyard, I’ll tell you that. The fabric is pretty thick and really good quality, so it still looks brand new. I have way too many keyrings and keys, so it’s handy to have something I can chuck in my bag and easily pull out without injury.
Last but not least, the obligatory cold/flu tablets. My immune system is ridiculous, so I like to cover myself for the inevitable. Those are just cheapy Tesco ones, but they do the job well enough.
So, that’s it. There’s nothing too controversial or in any way exciting lurking in my handbag, so apologies for the mundanity of it all! I like to travel light, so only really go for the necessities. 
Are the contents of your handbag any more fascinating than mine? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Hah, me too! Thanks, I'm obsessed with them. I also have a matching ticket holder somewhere. Yeah I have to empty mine out often to get rid of the receipts and train tickets! x

  2. TheMiscMusings

    Awwwww your matching stuff is so so cute 🙂
    My bag is mostly full of leaflets and receipts that I should have thrown away, change that has fallen out of my purse into the bottom of my bag and a couple of tangled pairs of headphones….definitely time for a clear out I think – I'm jealous of how unbelievably tidy yours is!

    Beth x


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