What We Got Up To In Dubrovnik: A Travel Diary (Part 2)

Dubrovnik Babin Kuk Copacabana beach

Welcome back to my travel diary from our recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia! If you haven’t read part 1 yet, click here and have a read first to find out what we did on the first 2 days.


After a fair amount of walking on Day 2, we decided to have a “hotel day” on day 3, mostly involving sunbathing and swimming. As we were so close to the local beaches, we decided to have a short stroll down in our water shoes and have a cheeky dip in the sea. The beaches are all pretty jagged rock, so water shoes were a v v smart choice.

The sea is beautifully clear, and as we stepped in there were little fish swimming around our feet! Liam decided to go for a swim while I watched, soaking up the sun and taking approximately 590383405 photos of the surroundings. Most of which came out looking shit because I had my sunglasses on so couldn’t actually see if anything was in focus.

Next up, we headed back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. Naturally, we worked up an appetite pretty quickly so lunch was the biggest meat platter you’ve ever seen from Pivnica Dubrava, a short walk from the hotel. The meat was all pretty tasty, but the highlight for me was the chips. They were basically just like the yummy crispy bits you get from the chippy, only better.

As if that food wasn’t enough, after some time chilling in the hotel we then had dinner at the hotel bar. In my defence, all I had was a salad so y’know, not a pig(?!).


Secluded beach accessible by kayak Dubrovnik

In my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be a good idea for Liam and me to try sea kayaking on day 4. The night before, we booked the experience at our hotel and braced ourselves for a true test of our relationship.

Would we get into a good rhythm and absolutely ace sea kayaking on our first try? LOL ABSOLUTELY NOT. Sea kayaking is REALLY hard, and every time we started to get into a paddling rhythm, I’d lose all my energy and have to stop. By the time we were about halfway through the trauma, we stopped off at this beautiful beach which can only be accessed by kayak. The view ~almost~ made the effort worth it, but not quite because we were both starving and wanted to never see a kayak again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that on the way back I got hella seasick (who knew you could get seasick in a kayak? Well, I can) and so the last 10 or so minutes of the paddling had to all be done by Liam while I tried not to barf into to Adriatic sea. He’s a good egg is Liam, he got us back to dry land in one piece. My hero.

After cursing sea kayaking and my stupid brain for thinking it was a good idea, we headed to Mea Culpa for pizza. We were both grumpy af because I felt sick and Liam’s trunks were soaked and v v uncomfortable. Sensible people would have just gone back to their hotel, but instead, we ordered a pizza where I could only stomach the crusts (I had a bite of the middle and it was deliciously cheesy but cheese and seasickness are not pals). Liam pretty much inhaled the rest of the pizza though, so at least it didn’t go to waste!

We rounded off a slightly stressful day with dinner at the hotel next door to ours. When we arrived the restaurant was completely empty so it felt pretty special but also slightly weird that no one else was around…


View overlooking Dubrovnik Old Town from St Lawrence Fortress

One of the main pulls to visit Dubrovnik for tourists is Game of Thrones. It transformed the city from a holiday break for retirees to a must-see series of scene locations for fans of all ages. For us, it was a key part of the to-do list while in Dubrovnik.

I booked our Game of Thrones tour through Viator, at just under £52 per person. For a 3-hour walking tour, it might not be the cheapest, but it came with great reviews and turned out to be a highlight of the trip. Our tour guide was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable on both Game of Thrones and the history of Dubrovnik, and probably the biggest Joffrey fan I’ve ever met.

The tour includes a visit to the St Lawrence Fortress which overlooks the Old Town. This was where a lot of the scenes at Kings Landing were filmed. After the fortress, the tour then meanders through the Old Town to the location where Cersei does her Walk of Atonement which starts from the top of the Jesuit Staircase.

Throughout the tour, the guide shared interesting facts as well as showing us photos from Game of Thrones scenes to compare them to the real environment. I loved finding out what the show kept the same, and what had to be changed to accommodate the scene. You could opt to pay for an extended tour to visit another scene location outside of the Old Town area, but we decided 3 hours in the hot, hot Croatian sun was more than enough!

After a lot of walking, we decided it was time for pizza. This time we visited Pizzeria Mirakul. I had seen a vlog before our trip from a couple who visited Dubrovnik and recommended Pizzeria Mirakul. Although the pizza from the day before was nicer, I still really enjoyed sampling both the prosciutto and pepperoni offerings.

What’s the best thing to do after a carb load? Get in the pool of course! Well, it’s probably not but it’s what we did as soon as we got back to the hotel. After burning some more calories swimming a few lengths and soaking up more sunshine, we headed back to our favourite restaurant of the trip, Restaurant Komin.

 DAY 6

Sat at the Valamar Argosy pool bar having a drink

I might look happy as larry here, but the truth is I was bummed that it was our last day. We had such a lovely time in Dubrovnik that I didn’t want to leave!

The taxi was due at 3:45pm, so we had quite a lot of time to kill after we checked out at 10am. Luckily, the hotel had showers and changing rooms, so we could use the last day as a chance to top up our tans (or in our case, sunburn by the end of it!) and go for a final dip in the pool. After that, we had some lunch and took in the last views of wonderful Croatia, before our friendly taxi driver picked us up and took us to the airport.

…and that was it, over just like that! In case you couldn’t tell, I would wholeheartedly recommend visiting Dubrovnik. I would go again (and hope to someday!) as I feel like we just scraped the surface of things to see and do in the area.

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