What We Got Up To In Dubrovnik: A Travel Diary (Part 1)

Dubrovnik travel diary


It’s 8:30am and the suitcases are packed and sat by the door. Which is lucky, because our taxi driver is 15 minutes early and so just as I go to sit down and relax before the travel whirlwind begins at 8:45, my phone starts to ring to alert me that no, we’re actually leaving now.

Liam and I walk our suitcases to the taxi for the driver to put them in the boot. I get a text from my Mum “Hello lovely 🙂 Don’t forget – tickets, passport, money! Happy Holidays. Love you take care xxx”

Thankfully, as the taxi pulls away and we make our way to Gatwick, I have remembered all the essentials. Phew.

The journey to the airport was treacherous. I think our taxi driver had a death wish. Cue me hanging on for dear life, hoping we make it to the airport in one piece.

Needless to say, we did, and after waiting for check-in to open we whizzed through bag handling and security before setting in for a basic bitch breakfast (pancakes for Liam, avocado and poached eggs on sourdough for me). Have you even travelled if you haven’t had a basic bitch breakfast and posted it on you Instagram story? Nuh uh.

Fast forward to flight time. I love flying. I’m one of those weirdos who loves the takeoff and landing – and the turbulence in between.

After a short flight, we arrive in Dubrovnik and before we know it, we’re in a taxi driven by a very friendly Croatian who tells us all about how he’s been learning English for 4 months. The surroundings fly by us as we are ferried to our hotel in the peninsula of Babin Kuk (just under an hour from Dubrovnik airport). We see our first glimpse of the Old Town on the way.

By the time we’ve got to the hotel (Valamar Argosy), we drop off our bags, go for a walk around to check things out and head out for dinner at Komin Restaurant, a few minutes walk from the hotel and our restaurant highlight of the trip.


Dubrovnik Old Town overlooking harbour

After sampling the breakfast buffet (gimme all the fruit and English breakfast staples), we popped to the hotel shop to get bus tickets. You need to buy a ticket per journey, at 12 kuna per ticket which is about £1.20 each. The bus stop was just outside the hotel, and it took 15 minutes to get to the Old Town.

Our mission was to find the cable car, as we had a 3pm reservation at the Panarama Restaurant at the top. Not really knowing where we were going, we walked through the Old Town and soaked up some of the sights (not to mention the sun…in just a couple of hours in the Croatian sun I was already getting a pretty intense tan!).

We actually found the cable car easier than expected, and because we weren’t sure of what would be at the top (other than the restaurant, of course!), we headed up and ended up with about 2 hours to kill. Still, the view was stunning so neither of us was really complaining. OK, I did a bit of complaining…but only because Liam was inventing annoying games to entertain himself.

A return ticket on the cable car is 150 kuna, just under £18, per person.

top of Dubrovnik cable car overseeing Lokrum

Aside from annoying games, we took LOADS of photos from this vantage point as it was amazing looking down at the Old Town and Lokrum island. Some people took some pretty daring photos stood on precariously looking rocks on the cliff edge, but I didn’t fancy dying that day so decided to keep a safe distance. Although, we did go beyond the barriers so we are still ~slightly~ badass I guess?

When 3pm finally rolled around, we were seated at the Panorama Restaurant (if you go, put in a booking request for an edge table so you’re overlooking the incredible view) and before we knew it, tucking into some tasty food. Oh, and I was drinking the best damn cocktail that’s ever hit my lips. A frozen strawberry daiquiri of dreams.

Fair warning: the food and drinks here are not cheap. I assume they mark it up for the novelty of ~that view~, but although the food was tasty, we were left a bit shocked at the cost. We had a starter and main each and a couple of drinks and it came to over £100.

Stuffed full of food and a little bit of alcohol, we made our way back down the cable car, back though the streets of the Old Town and to the bus stop to head back to our hotel.

That evening, we went for a dip in the hotel pool (nbd but I hadn’t been swimming since I was a teenager and omg did my muscles ache afterwards!), before heading to the mini market area which is about 5 minutes walk from the hotel to find somewhere to eat dinner.

After a heavy lunch, we weren’t too fussy about where to go so we ended up in the Piramida restaurant where Liam had the weirdest looking burger ever, and I had a pizza. The food was fine if you want something cheap to fill a hole, but the service was a little slow, unfortunately.

I realised as I was writing that I was already at almost 1,000 words and not even halfway through the holiday! Here’s Part 2.

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