What To Pack For A Skiing Holiday

What to wear on a skiing holiday

I mentioned in my recent post how I really didn’t take to skiing, but hey, that’s just me. You may have a ski holiday coming up, or you’re thinking of booking one but aren’t sure exactly what you need to pack…well you’re in luck pal because that’s what this post is all about.

When we were shopping for ski bits, I remember on more than one occasion being a bit confused and a bit overwhelmed about what I was supposed to wear and what would be useful to have with me when skiing. I read a few things online and got advice from people who had skied before (mostly Liam’s family), and although we did ultimately end up taking more than we really needed, it’s better than not having enough!

So here are the main things to think about…(oh and just FYI, this post does contain affiliate links but they are either to items I bought or similar ones all available on Amazon)

Ski jacket

I love my ski jacket, so I’m glad I decided to get one that I could wear out and about during colder, wetter weather. A decent ski jacket isn’t cheap, but I did end up getting mine in a sale which saved some pennies!

When choosing a ski jacket, pockets and zips are key! Look for a jacket that has zips under the arms (crucial for ventilation when it gets warm), and for pockets on the inside and outside of the jacket. There should be a zip pocket on one of the arms – this is usually for your ski lift pass, although I kept mine attached to my salopettes instead.

You should also be on the lookout for a snow skirt which helps keep the snow out…mine came in handy a lot with all the falling over I did!

I chose the Salomon Icerocket jacket which ticked all of these boxes, and also came in a pretty violet-blue colour.

Ski goggles

Buying ski goggles doesn’t have to be a huge expense. I was a little bit restricted with my choice as I wanted to get OTG goggles – meaning I could wear them over my glasses.

I ended up going for this pair from Amazon, and my only criticism was that they didn’t have any ventilation…so they ended up fogging up quite easily. This is a pretty big deal if you need to wear them a lot, so be smarter than me and look out for those vents!

Ski helmet

For the number of days we planned on skiing, it worked out cheaper to buy our own helmets. It’s pretty key to try your helmet on before you go, so if you can get to a ski shop to try some on for size, you could always pop home after and find it cheaper online!

My ski helmet was either the same, or at least similar to this Giro one. The things to look for with a good ski helmet is ventilation and an impact absorbing liner. The helmet should feel lightweight and not fit too far forward or back on your head.


I was dreading getting salopettes because I couldn’t really find any petite ones. Luckily this isn’t a big deal, as they need to go over your ski boots so length is an advantage!

When looking for ski trousers, you ideally want zip pockets (I swear buying the right ski gear is heavily reliant on pockets). You also want them to be lined, fully waterproof and wind resistant. Bright colours are also encouraged…it seems to be fashionable.

My salopettes were Salomon again because I was told on a few occasions what a good brand they are. I managed to pick mine up on sale for about half price on the Snow & Rock website, but here they are on trusty Amazon.

Base Layers

The thing that confused me most about ski fashion was layering. I’m not sure why I got so confused by it when shopping for the trip, as it’s really pretty simple. Base layers are the layer that goes on first. They are usually made of a material that pulls sweat away from the skin. Sexy, right?

If you’re not planning on doing any washing while you’re away, I’d recommend getting enough baselayers for each day you plan to ski. You could probably wear them again if you’re a lazy skier and don’t spend too long on the slopes, but the idea of wearing a base layer more than one day in a row gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Luckily, you don’t really need to go high end with base layers. Mine were all either from Trespass or North Ridge (available in Go Outdoors or Mountain Warehouse).

Mid Layers

Oh, you guessed it, the mid layer goes on after the base layer!

Mid layers work with the base layer to provide insulation, stopping you from getting too hot or too cold! The ideal mid layer is made of something called microfleece, as it’s lightweight and breathable. On colder days, you can trade a mid layer for a fleece for extra warmth.

I recommend Mountain Warehouse for mid layers as they are reasonably priced and great quality. They often reduce their prices on Amazon, too!

Skiing accessories

I might blow your mind now when I tell you that one thing you absolutely will want with you everyday skiing is suntan lotion. I caught the sun really easily on our holiday, and although I did manage to avoid a goggle tan line, I was super grateful for the lotion preventing my skin from nasty sunburn!

You’ll also be grateful you remembered lip balm. The number of times I needed to apply lip balm to my lips was ridiculous. They get dry in the mountain air straight away, so don’t be afraid to go heavy on the Vaseline!

Luckily, you can get a lanyard with suntan lotion and lip balm attached – we got this one and wore it every day. Tucked under my ski jacket, it wasn’t in the way at all but was easy to access when needed.

Evening wear

When you’re not hitting the slopes, you may be hitting the bars or restaurants! Depending on where you’re skiing, you may find the evenings pretty darn chilly. In Banff, it was really cold, but when you got to your destination they really did love a bit of heating.

For this reason, I’d definitely recommend following the principles of ski wear and layering up! Pack a few pairs of jeans, nice evening tops and cardigans or jumpers. You’ll probably find it handy to pack a hat, gloves and a scarf, too!

Slippers / fluffy socks

Nothing will feel better on your feet after wearing ski boots for hours on end. Enough said.

Phew – so there are the essentials that you should pack for your ski trip! If you’ve been skiing before, let me know what your essentials are in the comments! If you’re planning a ski trip, where are you going? I’m nosy af and need to know.

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