What To Buy A Blogger For Christmas

Gifts to buy bloggers
Oh god…the C word. No not that one, you potty mouth.
Christmas is soon upon us. The adverts are in full swing, the shops are blaring Mariah Carey and the temptation to buy mince pies because OMG THEY’LL SOON BE GONE AGAIN is getting strong.
If you have a blogger in your life that you’re not sure what to buy, then look no further! Flamingo Gifts were kind enough to send me my choice of a few goodies to share with you lot – plus, I’ve added some extra ideas for inspiration. You’re welcome.


Us bloggers are obsessed with stationary – no joke. Notebooks are particularly awesome because they allow us to jot our ideas down on the go. This Happy Jackson blue A6 notebook is a favourite of mine because it clearly speaks the truth. Oh, and it’s £6.99 which is a ruddy bargain for a high quality lined notebook.

Recipe books

One thing that matches our love for stationary is usually our love for food. Trust me, we talk about it on Twitter way more than is normal. The best kind of food is cake – and if it isn’t from Starbucks or a posh London cafe, it’ll be homemade. This Mug Cakes recipe book is perfect for the blogger who wants their cake quick and (relatively) mess free.


How can you make all of the Mug Cakes without a mug, eh? Plus, a pretty mug makes a great photo prop. Or an even better house for the streams of tea or coffee we’ll be drinking whilst editing 548864986 photos or 58943858 hours of video. I am in love with this Sass & Belle blue owl mug, which also comes in pink!


Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to have a bizarre obsession with coasters. Maybe it’s the pure volume of tea I drink and my hatred for ring marks, but these fox coasters are also great props because LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. They are really brilliant quality too – none of that flimsy chipboard type rubbish that ends up peeling after the first use.


Candles are basically blogger’s BFF’s. They make our surroundings smell awesome, and again they are the queens of props. The more elaborate the better – and although the usual favoured brand is Yankee Candle, I am totally on board with Bomb Cosmetics candles.
They smell freaking awesome, and they look stunning too! The above is a Fruit Firework candle and it smells beautifully sweet – lime, pineapple, mandarin and a few more fruity scents. Mmmm. Oh, and it’s £8.99, which is a steal for something so pretty.

Storage bags

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve made mention of a few props that bloggers go crazy for. Well, a pretty bag is the perfect place to store them, and I don’t think storage bags get much prettier than this Bird print one. It’s strong, durable and mahoosive. It’s under a fiver too, so great for a Secret Santa or stocking pressie.

A few more ideas…

Still stuck or just need a few extra ideas? Try these for size.


Paperchase sell the best postcards. Look out for those with inspirational and motivational quotes, because those are our faves. After quotes, we also love pictures of cute animals. Bonus points if they’re woodland critters.

Photo frames

We can’t get enough of pretty photo frames. Look out for neutral colours so they don’t clash with our blog design or other blog props in the shot. Whites, blacks and coppers are golden.
Hopefully this guide has helped you in finding the perfect gift for the blogger in your life (or y’know, a little something for yourself!). 
The lovely peeps at Flamingo Gifts are offering 15% off items (excluding sale pieces) with the code: ABOUTCAT so get shopping!
Disclaimer: Many thanks to Flamingo Gifts for sending me the items in the photo to review. All thoughts are entirely honest, as always!


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