What I’ve Been Watching #7

Welcome back to WIBW, where I share mini spoiler-free reviews of the films I’ve seen recently at the cinema. I also pick a handful of films I’m planning to see next and guesstimate how I will rate them!

So, what movies have I been using my Cineworld Unlimited card on lately?


I hadn’t really heard about Mindhorn, until we went into London recently and BAM! Posters all over the underground.

The film is basically about a washed-up actor who played Detective Mindhorn in the self-titled TV show in the eighties. He is enlisted by the police to help catch a serial killer who will only speak to Mindhorn, believing his character to be real. It stars Julian Barratt (Howard from The Mighty Boosh!) and Steve Coogan, amongst a few other familiar faces in British comedy.

I didn’t really expect much from Mindhorn, but was pleasantly surprised as there were quite a few laugh out loud moments. However, I think it was perhaps more targeted at an older audience as the couple next to us were howling at some of the references which were obviously callbacks to similar shows from the 80’s era.

Expectation: 2
Reality: 2.5 (pushing towards a 3, but not quite there!)

Alien: Covenant

While I’m not a xenomorph superfan – although I did once dream I had one as a pet – I do quite like Alien. Prometheus, the film before Covenant…not so much. I found it really slow. So although I was excited to see another chapter of the franchise (ignoring the fact I haven’t seen several of the other chapters between the first and now but whatever mate I’m not made of time), I wasn’t filled with optimism about this movie.

However, to it’s credit it wasn’t bad. I found it more entertaining than Prometheus because things actually happen in it, and it was fun seeing xenomorph’s running around doing what they do best (something Prometheus was lacking).

The reason I can’t give it a more glowing review is that some of it was predictable, and the vast majority of the film was still quite slow…then all of a sudden everything happens all at once. It’s weird pacing, and it would have benefitted by spacing out the action a bit more.

Expectation: 2.5
Reality: 3


I’ll be honest gang…I don’t know what to tell you about this movie. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it all that much either. It was just weird. Not in an intriguing way, or in that O LOL SO RANDOM way either. But somewhere on the scale of those two versions of weird.

I just felt like the film tried to do too much, and if it had been more focused on the more interesting story strands, it would have made a better movie.

Expectation: 3
Reality: 2.5

What’s next?

Well, we’re yet to see Baby Driver which I featured in my last WIBW post, but here’s a couple more movies on the radar!


The Rock and Zefron being hilarious together in a movie…SIGN ME UP. The trailers for this have me 100% sold and 110% excited to see this. We’re going to an Unlimited screening this week and I can’t wait!

Expectation: 4/5

Wonder Woman

I hate the ‘theme’ music but I am optimistic that I won’t hate the movie. If the action scenes are better than those in BvS, I’ll be happier at least. The trailers are slowly selling me on it, so fingers crossed!

Expectation: 3/5



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