What I’ve Been Watching #25

It’s been a little longer than usual since I last did a WIBW – probably because we haven’t been to the cinema quite as much as usual, and also because I kind of forgot that I had *eventually* seen enough films to do my next instalment! But here we are, ready for some mini spoiler-free reviews of what I’ve been watching at the cinema!


So my concerns about this movie being “overly artsy” were unfounded, but instead, the film is just overly silly. It starts off well, but about two-thirds of the way in it just goes to silly town. While the chuckles from other audience members in our screening wasn’t really necessary, I do get why they had switched off from the story and just found it laughable.

Hereditary *could* have been good, but it followed a disappointing path instead.

Expectation: 3.5
Reality: 2

Incredibles 2

So I was expecting the Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening to be Skyscraper (The Rock’s latest), but then we saw the epilepsy warning on the door when we arrived. I had heard in the news earlier that week that Incredibles 2 had gotten some flack for not including an epilepsy warning for flashing lights in the film, so the secret screening wasn’t really a secret for long!

If you enjoy the first Incredibles movie, no doubt you’ll like this one too. I find them both OK – nothing amazing but a fun ride nonetheless. It was great catching up with the characters again after such a long time, and there were a few laughs to be had as well.

Expectation: 3
Reality: 3


I’m not going to lie to you folks, I only wanted to see this because John Hamm is in it and Jon Hamm is an absolute snack. Hot damn.

Anyway, Tag is a perfectly average comedy which suffers from having all the funniest bits in the trailer and also being a bit over the top at times. Still, it’s fun and the comedic performances were decent (Hannibal Buress was probably the funniest and most consistent).

Expectation: 3
Reality: 3

So what’s up next?

Well, I’m still yet to see Skyscraper which is out fairly soon (expectation: 3), but here’s another two to look forward to…

Hotel Artemis

JEFF GOLDBLUM IS IN THIS MOVIE AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. The trailer didn’t set my world on fire, but I am curious about this one. It’s tonight’s Cineworld Unlimited screening so I’m hoping we’ll make it along to check it out.

Expectation: 3

Ant-Man & The Wasp

Here in the UK, we still have aggggges before this comes out (thanks a lot, World Cup) but it is the next movie on my list to see after Skyscraper and Hotel Artemis! I’m hoping it’s going to be a bit more…fun…than the first Ant-Man.

Don’t get me wrong, Ant-Man *was* fun, but he runs the risk of being the next Hawkeye…when no one really cares about his fate. Or is that just me?

Expectation: 3.5

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