What I’ve Been Watching #22

OH HELLO! I may have forgotten that I had collated enough film viewings to do my next WIBW, and so you’re getting a bonus film review…ya lucky things! Don’t say I don’t spoil you.


I was expecting Blockers to be another run of the mill comedy, and I wasn’t really far off. It was slightly funnier than I was expecting (John Cena and Ike Barinholtz were definitely the highlights), and it does have some nice moments too, but the young female characters were a bit disappointing/not particularly memorable. Maybe wait until it lands on Netflix to watch, I think!

Expectation: 2.5
Reality: 3

Love, Simon

The trailer for Love, Simon is great and it made me excited for the movie. It is a lovely film with a story that has taken too long to tell. It kind of blew my mind that it was the first studio movie with a gay titular character. That’s mad, isn’t it?!

All the actors are brilliant in their performances, and there are some really touching scenes as well as some good moments of humour too. The soundtrack is also decent, which is always a plus. I think where it falls down is that it just isn’t quite as heart-warming as I feel it could have been.

Expectation: 4
Reality: 3.5


…and now for something very different! Rampage on paper is 100% not my sort of movie, but I love Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I was on board. The trailer looked utterly ludicrous and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was basically playing his character from The Walking Dead and I LOVE Negan. I was never going to go crazy for the story, though.

This movie is really dumb but kind of fun, too. It could have definitely been more fun and funnier but I still enjoyed it enough as mindless entertainment. Another one to maybe catch when it hits up Netflix.

Expectation: 2.5
Reality: 2.5

The Avengers: Infinity War

It all builds up to this one, folks. 10 years of the MCU and we are finally here – some of our favourite Marvel characters coming together to go up against Thanos. My nerdy senses were tingling in the week’s leading up to this movie.

The less you say about Infinity War the better, to be honest. That’s not a cop-out, but I was so pleased I managed to avoid spoilers and I want you to do the same. The only thing I will say is that I really enjoyed the movie and considering how many characters you’re dealing with, the story is told in such a way that you don’t feel at all like you’re going from pillar to post which was my main concern. It also really is a lot of fun seeing these characters come together.

Go see it ASAP. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence.

Expectation: 3.5
Reality: 4

Which movies are next on the list, then?

Deadpool 2

I adored the first Deadpool movie, and I am SO hyped for the sequel! Even though I’ve seen the trailer 8469468 times, I still enjoy watching it. I’ve just reminded myself to book our IMAX tickets for this as well. HELLO SEATS WHERE MY FEET DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR.

Expectation: 4

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom

The first trailer released for this movie really didn’t sell it to me, and although the most recent trailer does do a better job of selling it, it does also give a lot away. My expectations aren’t sky high for this one, but I think it should still be a thrilling ride like the first Jurassic World.

Expectation: 3.5


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