What Is “Proper Blogging” Anyway?

A few times recently I have seen the phrase “proper blogging” or “proper blogger”. The way it’s being used, by in large, is to describe a blogger who has gone full time with their blog.

It bothers me that this phrase is being used. If I only blog part time as a hobby, does this not make me a “proper blogger”? I put a lot of energy into this space on t’web, and as such, I would call myself a proper one.

I haven’t made a salary from this blog (not even close), but it’s something I put a significant amount of time into. From brainstorming ideas (on my commute to my full time job, I might add), through to trying to hone my photography skills, blogging is a passion of mine, and it doesn’t make me any less of a blogger by not being my “job”.

I am immensely proud of those in the community that have been able to turn their blog into their career. I’m not convinced it’s really a path I’d ever want to take, but I can tell it does take hard graft to get there. I do however think that there shouldn’t be any snobbery in the way bloggers talk about going full time.

My plea in this post really is for full timers to be a little more tactical in how they talk about blogging. By all means, be proud of making your hobby your career, but don’t look down on us smaller bloggers. Remember, you were just like us once.

What do you think of the phrase “proper blogging”? Have you ever seen it used, do you think it’s right? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sarah Rooftops

    I've never seen it used with regards blogging but I suppose it's the same as differentiating between the crappy jobs we have when we just need to pay the bills and our "proper" careers (i.e. the ones our parents might brag about). I've never felt entirely comfortable with that distinction because my crappy jobs were often a lot harder than the "proper" ones but I've also sometimes felt the need to distinguish between them. I'm not sure I see that same need when it comes to blogging, though… Hmm…

  2. Nicki Kinickie

    I think whatever you blog about and however often you blog, if it is your passion and you put your all into it then you are a 'proper blogger'. Who made up the rules about blogging anyway? There arent any are there? You dont sign up to blogger only to be emailed a list of 'blog rules' I hate using bloglovin does that mean im not a 'proper blogger'?? It is AMAZING that bloggers can end up doing it full time and it is AMAZING the way blogging and vlogging.is hsaping the future but there are no rules and theres room for everyone – big and small. Xxx

  3. Miriam

    I've never seen or heard anyone use this phrase, but I agree with you. I think if you have a blog, and are active, then you are a blogger. Whether you earn money from it, it's your job, or if it's just a hobby. If you can support yourself through your blog, then great for you, I really mean that, but that's not to say that those who blog as a hobby aren't "proper bloggers".

  4. Ella WH

    I feel you! I once, back when I had just started blogging, saw a few big bloggers talk about how annoying it was when smaller bloggers asked for help. They said they had no time to talk to them and that they should just read their 'how to blog' posts.

    I found that so confusing! I would love to help anyone out and it honestly made me feel so small…
    I agree with you!


  5. Michelle Outside London

    I've never heard anyone say this but I would be pretty hacked off if I had! All blogging is a labour of love whether you're fortunate enough to do it all day every day or whether you squeeze it in around an otherwise packed life.
    Everyone who has a crack at this weird little hobby deserves the same amount of kudos, it's blooming hard work!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. Cat Fyson

    I see the divide being more "hobby" blogger, vs career bloggers (or as some incorrectly deem "proper blogging"). I dont think it's fair to create that divide, but I definitely think it exists in many cases.

  7. Cat Fyson

    I couldn't agree more! I hate using Bloglovin too, and I hate how it's become a 'metric' to measure your worth as a blogger. Bleurgh.

    I totally agree that it *is* amazing to make a career from blogging/vlogging, but bloggers shouldn't be seen as any less/at all inferior to those that do it for a living x

  8. Cat Fyson

    Exactly! I agree – and I hope this post didn't imply that I am 'jealous' of bigger bloggers, I actually don't want my blog to be my career necessarily, at least not right now!

  9. Cat Fyson

    Ergh, how frustrating is that?! Shame on them! If I want to know how a 'big' blogger got to where they are, I'd actually be afraid to ask for advice for that very reason x

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