Visiting Arundel Castle

April 22, 2017

Posing at Arundel Castle Gardens doorway

Arundel Castle Exterior

Arundel Castle Gardens Water Feature Coloured Water

Arundel Castle Tulip Festival

Don’t you just love a day off work when the sun’s shining and you actually have a plan to go outside? Especially when the part of outside you’re planning to explore is a FREAKIN’ CASTLE. Arundel Castle, to be exact.

OK so maybe part of us wanted to stay in and continue binging on Thirteen Reasons Why – but that’s besides the point. We braved the great outdoors, and we’re glad we did!

Liam and I have been planning to visit Arundel Castle for literally years now but finally decided to do it earlier this week when we both had a day off together.

If you didn’t know, Arundel is just off of the A27 in West Sussex and despite being a city, it’s tiny and quaint and I gotta admit I love it a little bit. Despite being tiny and quaint, it has both a stunning Cathedral (cos duh, city), but also the incredible Arundel Castle which sits on top of a hill.

No word of a lie, it looks a bit like Hogwarts and makes me want to run around it waving a wand and casting spells on my enemies.

When we had parked up right near the castle, we queued up for a little while for our tickets (we got the access all area tickets because if you’re going to see a castle you want to see as much of it as you’re allowed). Once inside the grounds, you can head straight to the castle to explore the Keep and castle rooms, or you can opt for the gardens and chapel first.

Given that the sun was shining and there was a tulip festival taking place, we decided to go to the more natural route first. Mainly so I could snap snap snap away taking pictures of beautiful tulips.

I don’t think words or even pictures – we took over 500 photos on the day just fyi – can do justice to how amazing the gardens were. There were thousands upon thousands of flowers and a few beautiful water features (including the one above that made the water look turquoise). Huge props to my G7X for handling taking photos of water like a god damn pro.

After the garden and chapel, we headed to the castle itself to explore the rooms and Keep which was a definite highlight despite the steep and v v narrow steps. You can stand at the top of the Keep and look all around at the Sussex countryside and it’s the absolute one.

Inside the castle they have loads of artefacts dating back hundreds of years including weaponry, paintings and dinnerware which was used as far back as the 16th and 17th century. Call me a nerd but that is cool af. What I also liked was that a lot of the pieces weren’t roped off – whilst you couldn’t touch them you weren’t limited to standing a metre away from them where you can’t see the detail of it. A++ should also be scored to the lovely volunteers who were always happy to help and impart wisdom.

The whole experience was well worth the £20 each for the Gold Plus tickets we bought – but they do also do lower tier tickets for less if you want to skip the castle rooms and Keep. But like I said, it’s worth going the whole hog and seeing as much as you can!

arundel castle 3

4 responses to “Visiting Arundel Castle”

  1. Leah says:

    I’ve been past this many a time over the years and have always wanted to go. Reading this has increased the want! Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. I love visiting old castles, but Arundel looks amazing! I’ll definitely have to check this out when I’m in England again x

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