truths we don't like to admit in our twenties

Those older than us tell us we’re in the prime of our lives, whilst those younger than us are dreading the big 2-0 (and beyond).

Being in your twenties feels like that bulky middle stage of a good book where all the things are happening and nothing is certain and we don’t know where things are heading. We want things to accelerate so we know what’s going to happen next, but we’re also a little bit scared to find out.

I’m now 26, turning 27 towards the end of this year. It’s a weird age, because you’re just past your ‘mid-twenties’ (i.e. you’re no longer 25), but you’re not quite on the final reluctant sprint towards 30. So I feel especially qualified to present to you…

(Mostly) unspoken truths we don’t like to admit in our twenties.

1. When we were younger, we hated being told what to do, and now in our twenties we desperately want someone to tell us what to do.

2. Sometimes we ache. Our back, our arms, our legs… we don’t know why, and it makes us feel ready for retirement.

3. We don’t want kids right now. Maybe we’ll never want kids. But dogs/cats, yep…we’ll have six please.

4. Cute homeware becomes a more desirable gift than anything else ever. New cushions in John Lewis? I’ll take them all, thanks.

5. Wearing clothes for comfort far outweighs wearing them to impress others. Where my printed joggers and baggy sweatshirts at?

6. We should feel like adults, but we totally don’t feel like adults. When do you start feeling like an adult? Asking for a friend…

7. You don’t understand all of the new technology that suddenly starts cropping up, and you begin to panic that in a few years time your knowledge of technology will become depressingly obsolete.

8. Sometimes we crave the days of being an idiotic teenager without consequences again. Drinking in a park with your friends in your twenties is just not OK.

9. We occasionally have a little cry/close to cry/total breakdown because things just don’t seem right with our lives when actually they’re totally fine and tomorrow we’ll wake up and conquer.

10. Luxurious candles become a totally legit way to spend money and not feel like it’s a waste, even though you are literally burning something you spent £20+ on.

11. You can buy all the planners and diaries and journals in the world, but you’ll still feel totally unorganised and there will always be something you forget to do.

12. We’ll eat like pigs for a day or two (or three, or four…) and quickly realise that our skin now resembles how it looked 10 years ago, and we’re bloated af. Time to have some eggs and wholemeal toast and Instagram the hell out of it. Or avocado, if you’re that way inclined.

13. All we want to do is work from home, rolling out of bed when we’re ready and having the time to make a sandwich that isn’t chockful of calories at lunchtime. But no, we aren’t going to make that sandwich in the morning before the commute because that means having to wake up 5 minutes earlier, so we’ll go for that 500+ calorie sandwich in Sainsbury’s and wonder why we’re gaining weight.

14. Sometimes we have pretty damn awesome days when we feel good about ourselves and the world. Why are we so quick to admit when we feel like failures, but so ashamed to gloat when we feel like we’re rockstars?

15. On the rare occasion we need to take ourselves away from everyone else and coach ourselves not to have a little cry. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does we realise we got this.

16. We endlessly envy anyone who goes on holiday, even if they’re going for a long weekend somewhere that you could easily reach by train and they bought the trip on Groupon.

17. We wish we were more creative, and that we had more time for our true passions but instead we spend that time scrolling through Twitter and stalking on Facebook.

18. Friends are hard to come by and we have no idea how to make new ones. Is there an app for that?

19. We no longer know what we want for our birthday – unless a functional Time Turner or TARDIS becomes a thing.

20. Staying in is totally the new going out – I may still be young, but give me Netflix and a cup of tea over club music and a Jagerbomb any day.

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