‘Tis The Season To Feel Unmotivated…

I’ve heard a lot about SAD. I know many people I follow online suffer from it, and I’m ~pretty~ sure it’s not what I’m dealing with.

But the colder, wetter, darker days have started to wreak havoc with my motivation and productivity.

I’m waking up each morning wishing to press snooze once or twice.

The idea of getting work done feels like a hassle, rather than something to be excited about. I usually approach the working day with at least an ounce of enthusiasm – but lately, it feels more like a dash at best. Most days, it’s a countdown to the time I can down tools and just veg about until it’s time to go to bed.

Usually, when winter rolls around, I’m filled with a sense of joy. Yay! It’s finally socially acceptable to drink hot chocolates every day, and the chunky jumpers that have been hiding at the back of the wardrobe finally have their time to shine.

But this year is different. I don’t feel the cosiness of the season, and that festive anticipation. Instead of searching for Christmas gifts with aplomb, I’m searching for the motivation to keep on top of my inbox, the household chores and even the things I actually ~enjoy~ doing, like blogging.

Lovely people have recommended a SAD light to wake up to in the morning – and it’s something that does intrigue me to try one day, but here are some of the other things I’m going to give a go to try and get me out of this funk.

If you’re feeling a bit blergh too, then these may act as a reminder of what you can also do to improve your mental health this season.

Get more fresh air

I am guilty of living my life in a way that largely avoids taking the time to “get out into nature”. I go from my house, to my car, to whatever destination I need to get to and very rarely go out for a walk to get some fresh air.

I want to take advantage of the drier days to go for walks, breathe in the fresh air and wake my body up…even if it would rather be curled up on the sofa responding to emails.

Be more grateful

One of the sections of my daily journal that so often gets left unmarked is the gratitude section. It’s not that I’m not grateful, I just don’t often take the time to think about what I’m grateful for.

I am going to start paying more attention to that part of my day, really thinking about the things I am grateful for, and reminding myself of them at times when I feel low or unmotivated.

Cut back on screen time

Lol. I started doing this and failed epically. When I updated my phone it started reporting my weekly screen time use and it was SCARY.

So, I set a daily limit for my social media use and well, almost every time I end up clicking on “ignore limit for today” once my time us up. That needs to stop. I need to set a realistic limit – and stick to it. Once that limit comes up, it’s time to find something better to do with my time!

Take more “me time”

I am one of those people that has to have some “me time”, particularly after a stretch of being sociable. Although I work from home, that is balanced out with regular networking, as well as having a partner who also works from home.

Lately, I’ve craved more alone time, but then cheat myself out of it by using it to do things like the washing up, or tidying. The sort of “me time” I really need is ~relaxing~ instead of using it to get on top of things that really don’t matter and absolutely can wait.

Focus on what makes me awesome

I have a lot to be proud of this year and to round off the year in style I need to be reminding myself of how far I’ve come, and what 2018 has meant for me. 2018 has been a big year, with much to pat myself on the back for. It’s time to start patting.

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