As a blogger, there are few things worse than bloggers block. Well, except when your blog stops working or some lowlife leaves a shitty comment. But y’know, those things aside, bloggers block is ~annoying af~.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that life has got in the way of blogging, or when I simply don’t feel inspired to write. The main thing to remember is that the inspiration does come back. Maybe not straight away, maybe not when it’s convenient…but it does.

I thought it would be handy to share just a few tips for those times when you are feeling uninspired. Maybe you feel like your blog is ~shit~ (it isn’t), or maybe you’re just sick of staring at a blank post editor with no ideas to type away frantically about.

Bin the schedule

Y’know what one of the most annoying pieces of advice is around blogging? Sticking to a schedule. Sure, it does help to be consistent but it also adds unnecessary pressure. All of my absolute favourite bloggers have stuck their¬†middle fingers up to having a schedule, and simply post when they have something to say.

Start blogging when you want, not when you feel like you have to. Trust me, not only will this make you more relaxed about blogging, you’ll create better content.

From tiny acorns…

Grow mighty oaks! Write down even the smallest idea you have had. Even if it’s just a topic you know you want to cover at some point. Save it on your phone, or jot it down in a notebook or on a post-it. Small ideas often grow into bigger, better ones…but not if you forget what they were in the process!

Some of my best posts have started as a single word, or a phrase. I’ve made a note of them and thought about them. I’ve then created a new post in WordPress for them, and before you know it you have a post. After all, that’s how this one started.

Read more than you create

Generally speaking, I create more than I read. But when I switch the balance because I don’t know what to create, I end up being inspired by other bloggers or magazines.

You’d be surprised – sometimes completely irrelevant content can spur the brightest ideas.

List your passions

I’m passionate about writing, mental health and freelancing – so those are the topics I cover the most.

Start making a list of the things you love (even if you haven’t started writing about them yet), and bin off the things that you write out of “obligation” because you think they are the “right” thing to share. As you start diving into the things you care about, the ideas will come back pretty quickly.

Set some goals

Where do you want your blog to go?

Try to avoid getting bogged down in stats, and instead think about the direction that will make you happy. Sure, niching in a particular topic might make you more desirable to brands, but will you enjoy your blog as much? Or will you get fed up of it?

I recently rebranded my blog – and the reason was that I set myself the goal of feeling more comfortable with my “online brand”. The old name didn’t make me happy, and so I made a change. I’ve also had new designs on my blog in the past which always re-energise me. Having a space on the Internet you’re happy with is key.

Clearly map out what it is you want to achieve from your blog – you may be surprised at how much that can motivate you.