Tips For People Who Hate Moving House As Much As I Do

Moving house tips

You know what I hate? Moving house. It should be exciting, like a new chapter in your life and all that other motivational crap but actually, moving house in reality is supposedly the most stressful thing to do. I’m not sure about most stressful because learning how to drive probably takes my top spot, but it could well be a close second.

Recently, me and Liam had to move because our crazy landlady handed in notice because she didn’t get on with the letting agent (and also did I mention she’s crazy? She used to rock up at the house whenever she wanted. I once found her in the garden). I could probably do a whole post about how difficult she made things for us, but that wouldn’t really be as useful as I hope this post will be.

Because we hadn’t chosen to move house, and had to look for a new place at the time of year when the market was slowing down ahead of Christmas, the pressure was on and we ended up having to go for where we are now – it’s not a bad place but it’s much more expensive than what we had, and we actually really grew to like where we were. As we weren’t exactly excited about the prospect of moving all our stuff to somewhere we didn’t really want to go to, it made the packing even harder than usual.

So, y’know, I feel in a pretty good position to share some crackin’ tips for those that also hate moving house.

Enlist any help you can get

We honestly would’ve been completely lost without Liam’s mum. She helped move over the vast majority of our stuff to the new place, and has a much bigger car than the both of us so it would’ve taken us a lot more trips to get everything over. She is also some sort of superwoman because she was determined to achieve as much as possible each day she was here to help. If it had just been us two, we’d probably have given up by lunchtime and gone to see a film at the cinema.

So basically, find a superhero in your family and make the most of each day packing, sorting and moving to get things done quicker.

Forgive yourself for procrastinating

OK, so this could well be horrible, horrible advice and completely contradictory to the tip above. But bear with me.

Y’see, because packing up all your stuff is pretty much the worst, you need to forgive yourself on the days when you just cannot handle wrestling with parcel tape whilst trying to assemble boxes that will probably end up trying to pop open from the bottom anyway. If you push yourself too hard, there will be tears and tantrums and that’s the last thing you need.

Invest in all of the bubble wrap

It’s not just fun, it’s functional too! Who knew?! We used a big roll of bubble wrap for wrapping up fragile items like kitchen plates and figures. Whether you’re using a removal company when moving house, or taking bits like this over to your new place, it’s a lot more assuring that things will make it over in one piece because you’ve wrapped them up enough times to survive a nuclear war.

Use carrier bags for stuffing

When packing boxes or crates, it’s not always possible to pack them tight to keep things in place. I discovered that by using the carrier bags I had stowed away in a kitchen drawer since the 5p tax came into place, I could fill in any gaps so that items were pushed tighter and didn’t budge. Hellova life hack for you there, chums.

Try and pack things logically

You know when you first start packing and it’s all super organised (by room, for example)? Try keep that up. As we were tight for time, I ended up packing different clothes in different cases, and then having more of those random “filled with bits and pieces from everywhere because otherwise we’ll forget them otherwise” boxes than I’d like to admit to. It makes finding those bits you need as soon as you’ve moved in that much harder.

Clear out as you go (oh, and try and be ruthless about it)

My final slice of wisdom might be bleeding obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t move over stuff you no longer want. It’s as simple as that. Arrange a trip or two to the dump during the moving process because you’ll feel 100% better for having cleared out the clothes, books, shoes, boxes etc that were clogging up room in your old place.




  1. Nicola
    November 21, 2016 / 4:38 pm

    I HATED moving to my current flat. Now I’ve actually bought a flat and I am dreading it, especially because for the first time all the furniture, fridges etc will need to be bought and delivered too D:

    Nicola //

    • Cat
      November 26, 2016 / 5:39 pm

      Moving really is just the worst, right? Congrats on the flat purchase as buying for us is a distant dream! Well I recommend maybe bribing the delivery people to unpack and position it too, whilst you sit back and watch with a cuppa! x

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