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Living on a budget advice

Recently a representative from GiffGaff got in touch with me to ask about my top tips for living on a budget.

Now, I’m not a massively frugal person if I’m honest, but I do have a few tips up my sleeve for how I save money on a monthly basis. I thought I’d share some of these with you – after all, who knows who it might help!

Tip 1 : Packed lunch!

OK, so putting it like that makes it sound like you’re carrying a Pokemon lunch box to work everyday (maybe you do…you’re awesome) – but what I really mean is to prepare lunch time meals to take to work/college/days out so that you are not tempted to pop round to the local shop.

I used to be terrible for this to the point where I had to dip into my savings just to afford to get to work before payday! There’s a bakery around the corner from work and they do great jacket potatoes, but now I much prefer to put together something lighter, and healthier the night before.

Tip 2 : Have a clear out

Not only can you make a few pennies on eBay for clearing out and selling old wardrobe staples which you cannot remember the last time you wore, but having a good clear out will also remind you of what you already have! Tempted by a new skirt? What about the 10+ skirts in your cupboard?

Tip 3 : Save envelopes

So a little while back I got a delivery from Body Shop and I thought “what a great padded envelope” (or something along those lines…). I tore off the label, and then reused the envelope to send off an eBay item. Just make sure to remove any prior stamps beforehand and cover the previous address!

Tip 4 : Keep a budget

You know Excel can be quite boring right? Well, it can also be stupidly useful for financing. Budget your spend on a month by month basis to avoid overspending and help you to save up for new things. I keep a spreadsheet of the key monthly outgoings (phone bill, council tax…all that boring stuff), so I have a better idea of how much needs to be in my account when it’s time to pay the bills!

So there are my four painfully simple top tips to introduce into your everyday life! Got any extra tips to add? Head on over to GiffGaff’s post to share your advice.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post which I received compensation for creating, but all handy tips are my own!


  1. ~ K

    Packing a lunch always saves us time and money. I also find making shopping lists stops me buying extra things, regardless of the kind of shopping, clothes, toiletries or food.
    Making meals that can be made in bulk and frozen, they are usually cheaper, especially if the meat is on offer (if you eat meat). I have also started to buy fresh, loose (always cheaper than the packaged) veg and cut and freeze it myself, it seems cheaper than the frozen veggies too.

    ~ K

  2. Cat Fyson

    Yes, I'm a big fan of the shopping list! Planning out meals definitely stops me from picking up unneeded extras.

    I have found here that frozen veggies are cheaper than fresh, but I guess it's different in different places! x

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