Things We Forget To Appreciate Everyday

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You know what?

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

Sometimes, we can forget to be appreciative – and by that I don’t mean saying thanks to your colleague for the cup of tea, or for nodding gratefully when someone holds the door open for you (which you should be doing anyway!).

What I mean is being grateful for the little (and enormous) things that make up our day.

When I wake up in the morning to the gentle silent alarm wrapped round my wrist, I roll out of bed and into the shower.

Despite actually achieving very little so far in my day, I am already relying on the technology of my Fitbit tracker to get me up on time, and the power of electricity to keep the water warm. Not to mention the ability of my own body to keep me breathing and mobile.

From there, I am relying on the structural design of my wardrobe for my clothes to not all fall on me when I open the door. And speaking of the clothes – those delicate fabrics sewn together are retaining my dignity and keeping me protected. Maybe even a bit stylish. Maybe not.

My body needs to kick it up a gear now, because I’ve now got to walk to work. Despite no fuel in my system yet (I breakfast at my desk), my very own ecosystem gives me the energy to walk for 30 minutes to the shops. Chip and pin gives me the ability to pay for lunch food without any physical money changing hands. A machine even allows me to avoid human interaction, if I so choose.

At work, I am dependent on electricity, caffeine and social interaction. All of these in abundance, please.

It’s barely mid morning, and I rely on so much more than many people in this world even have. I take these things for granted, I expect them. I cannot function without them.

Lunch time now, and I rely on social media. Keep me entertained. Find me things to read. Take me away from spreadsheets and phonecalls. So much communication and information all without leaving my chair.

Before I know it, it’s back to work, and then it’s home time. Time has sped by so fast I have no time to cherish it. I make the most of it by being productive, getting things done. But now it’s time to leave, and I need to depend on my body again.

It’s more sluggish this time. Tired. But it will make it home, and I should thank it for doing so. But I never do.

As the evening hours slip by, technology is there for me once again for entertainment. From blog reading, to Youtube watching. Catching up with more news and information. Facetime, a lifesaver for catching up with Liam.

Thank you mundane things, magical things, that make everyday life easier. And thank you life for being pretty darn wonderful, really.

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