21 Things To Do When You Visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Fortress

Look, I get it. It was ~months~ ago that we went to Dubrovnik. But I’m still missing it, OK?

So to calm my wanderlusty needs, I thought I’d put together a list of things to do in Dubrovnik should you ever visit which you absolutely 100% should if you get the chance.

From getting ready for your holiday, to stuffing your face while you’re there, here’s twenty-one things to do when you visit Dubrovnik…

Preparing for your trip

1. Slather yourself in suntan lotion. We visited at the end of September and I still have tan lines. The Croatian sun does not fuck about.

2. Buy a hat. Or unlike me, be smart and remember to pack one. You’ll need it.

3. Get comfy walking shoes. Parts of the Old Town are steep and cobbled – you’ll feel like a chump in your flip-flops.

4. Pre-book for activities you want to do while you’re out there. It can often be cheaper, and it’s good to be organised!

5. Take mozzy┬áspray – the mozzies there will sneak up on you. I think I got about 9 bites in total and most happened overnight.

6. Another shoe rec for ya – invest in some water shoes. The beaches are rocky af so if you want to go for a stroll or swim in the sea, water shoes are a must.

7. Have a compact camera and charged batteries – when visiting the Old Town, in particular, you will want to take ~loads~ of photos.

Dubrovnik Walk of Shame

Travelling in Dubrovnik

8. Stock up on bus tickets. In Dubrovnik, you buy one ticket per journey so it’s worth stocking up when you know you have plans to travel. Most hotels sell the bus tickets on site, or you can buy them from outside of the city walls.

9. Get a walking tour. I recommend this for any place you visit, but Dubrovnik has the benefit of having a lot of walking tours available. We booked a Game of Thrones tour and it was a fascinating mix of filming locations, behind the scenes info and some history about Dubrovnik thrown in too!

10. Make the most of the bus wifi and use that time to upload to Instagram, or text your Mum some snaps from your trip. I did both because that’s how I ~roll~.

11. Be wary that the streets can be pretty narrow in the Old Town. I imagine in the height of summer it’s pretty nightmarish, but when we went, it was still fairly busy but there was still room to move around. Consider waking up early and checking out the Old Town when it’s cooler, or take a stroll in the evening when the sun isn’t at its strongest.

12. When roaming around the Old Town, remember that although it’s hella touristy, the Old Town is still home to a lot of people. Basically don’t be a dick and you’ll be fine.

Dubrovnik top of cable car view

Things to do in Dubrovnik

13. Get the cable car for the very best views of the Old Town, Adriatic Sea and Elaphiti islands. Honestly, it’s a beauty that no photo can do justice. Especially this one which came out strangely dark. The cable car only takes a few minutes to get from the bottom to top, and sure beats hiking up the mountain.

14. Speaking of the cable car, you should also book a table at the Panorama restaurant. Ask for an edge seat for a breathtaking view as you sip on the best frozen strawberry daiquiri you’ll ever taste.

15. Go to St Lawrence Fort. You have to pay to get in (and climb a lot of steps to reach it!), but it’s absolutely stunning and also gives you an incredible view of the Old Town. You’ll recognise the interior as the Red Keep at King’s Landing where Joffrey’s name day took place.

16. Sadly we didn’t have time to walk along the Old Town city walls, but if I were to go back it would be a top priority! It apparently takes around 1.5-2 hours, and it’s best to do it in the morning when it’s cooler before the sun burns you to a crispy crisp.

17. Another activity we didn’t have time for (my biggest regret) is visiting the island of Lokrum which as well as being a beautiful island is also a nature reserve. I saw photos before our trip and really wanted to go, but we needed a day or two more of our holiday to have squeezed it in. If you do go to Dubrovnik, please visit Lokum for my sake and say hello to the peacocks.

18. If you’re an active type that doesn’t get seasick, you’ll enjoy sea kayaking. We gave it a go, but sadly I am both not particularly active and incredibly prone to seasickness…so it did not go well. However, I would still recommend trying it because you get to kayak to a beautiful private beach and hear more about Dubrovnik from the friendly guides.

Eating and drinking in Dubrovnik

19. You’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for restaurants in the Old Town, so I’d recommend looking up TripAdvisor reviews to narrow your options! Everywhere you look there are signs trying to prompt you to try delicious pizza or local cuisine. The great news is, that unlike a lot of other places I’ve visited in the past (namely Egypt), the staff are not trying to guilt/force you to sit at their restaurant.

20. Dubrovnik does a lot of things right, and two of those things are pizza and gelato. Please don’t go the duration of your trip without having some, because I actually found both to be better than what we had when we went to Rome! Plus, the service was much friendlier as well.

21. Last but not least, you should know that the water from the fountains is safe to drink, so take a bottle to refill as bottled water is not particularly cheap there as I’m sure you can imagine!

Phew, so there’s twenty-one things to do when you visit Dubrovnik. If I were to add a number twenty-two, it would be to pack me in your suitcase so I can come too!

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