Things That Annoy Me About Blogging

annoying things about lifestyle blogging

Blogging is one of my favourite things to do in the world. I love it. From content planning, writing and taking photos, to that elation of receiving comments. It’s an amazing hobby that I’d be lost without.

But as with most things in life, there are some frustrating elements that grind my gears a little bit and put me off blogging for all of about a day before I miss it again and want to get back into the swing of it…

running out of ideas. Ugh. The most annoying thing when you want to blog is having no idea what to write about. Funnily enough, this very annoyance is what helped me come up with the topic of this post. But when your mind really is blank, and you want to plan ahead, bloggers block is the worst.

poor lighting. AM I RIGHT? I like to do my very best to get decent photos for my posts. Why put all the work into the wording for no one to click through and read on? When there’s no decent lighting (winter is coming, boooo), it can be a real problem.

lack of time in general. This is more on the promotion side. I like to schedule my posts on Twitter and post them on Facebook once they’re live, but sometimes life just gets in the way and your promotion ‘strategy’ goes out the window. Damn you full time bloggers who have more time for this!

relying on battery power. Can someone please invent a camera that has infinite battery power, or at the very least lets me charge as I’m filming/shooting? Am I the only one who uses my DSLR now and again thinking that it’s not using much power, but then you go to use it the third time in a week and OH IT WON’T SWITCH ON. Damn.

not having a life. As a lifestyle blogger, I really don’t get out much. Blog post planning is easy when you have something on your social calendar. Just grab your camera, take it a long and get some snaps to match up with a post when you get round to it. It’s kind of difficult when you have no plans!

blog admin. This is the tedious stuff such as editing 8456485689 photos to find the best, optimising your posts for SEO (c’mon, this does get boring quickly), and filtering through those spammy comments and getting them deleted.

What things can annoy you about blogging sometimes?

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  1. Eimantė

    Oh, I know the pain of bad lighting. Especially, when the blog post is almost done and all what's left is photos. The struggle is real! :))

  2. Crumbs In The Bed

    Have you tried buying a new battery? I have the battery my camera came with and I also bought a second battery that was a lithium one rather than the regular one and that has a much better battery life. Plus, I now have two batteries that I always keep charged so I can just switch over.
    I have a continual list of ideas that I keep on my wunderlist for slow times haha, or I just take a break and use the I have no ideas moment as a sign for other things 🙂

  3. Belen C.

    check, check, check, check, check, check. Yeah! I totally agree with all of these! I don't think anyone understands the amount of effort ant time us bloggers put into our blogs…

    Be | lovefrombe

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