It’s been a few months now since I made the moveΒ to WordPress from Blogger so I thought it was about time I sat down and hammered out some thoughts on the process. Has it made a difference, has it been hard to adapt, and do I still think it was worth doing?

First of all, I have to say up front that I have had experience with WordPress before through client work when I worked for an agency, and also the tinkering I do on my own sites aside from this one. I know a lot of bloggers planning to make the move would be brand new to WP as a CMS, so I’ll do my best to approach it from that perspective.

So, what have I learnt from moving to WordPress from Blogger?

It will involve some more work

Once you’ve transferred and settled into WordPress as a CMS, your work is not done. With the greater capabilities to optimise your posts for SEO on WordPress, going through old posts and updating the meta descriptions (using Yoast SEO, of course) can be a tedious task…especially if you have a lot of content that you want to optimise.

As well as this, when your content is transferred over from Blogger, your posts won’t always be perfectly formatted. In fact, most of your older posts won’t be. I still haven’t fixed all of the alignment issues with old post images yet – so if you want every single one of your posts to look perfect, you’ve got to be prepared to put the time in to fix these little niggles.

Moving to WordPress does not guarantee improvements in SEO

Related to the point above, you have to put the work in and be prepared that you may see a dip before a climb. My blog is currently bringing in the same level of organic traffic than it did before, so switching to WP will definitely not guarantee you any overnight success on Google.

“There’s a plugin for that”

WordPress has a *huge* selection of plugins that people have developed to help you to improve your blog, but also for social media promotion as well. I have recently been using a plugin which auto-tweets posts to a schedule, and have definitely seen an improvement in my pageviews.

It’s tools like this that make running your blog that much easier than being tied to the limitations that Blogger has.

The learning curve is actually quite simple is always seen as being a more technical platform for more advanced bloggers, but it’s actually a pretty easy system to navigate around. Whilst you do get a lot more options and tools than with Blogger, it doesn’t take long to familiarise yourself with them. Sites like WPBeginner are also a godsend when it comes to figuring things out.

You will probably want to take some time to get used to all the features, particularly if you install a theme which has lots of customisation functions.

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