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Buy Valium In America

October 18, 2013
Buy Ambien Zolpidem

The day we moved in to our flat.

For some time, me and Liam have been looking for a new place to live. We’ve been in our current flat for a few years now, and it’s been an endless experience of problems – from mice the day we moved in (we hadn’t even unpacked any food yet!), to damp starting from the bathroom and then cropping up everywhere.

There’s not enough space for all our stuff, and therefore it becomes impossible to make the place look tidy. Basically, we don’t like it and we want out.

Buy Ambien Online UkWe’ve been flat/house hunting for several months now, although it feels like much longer. We’ve seen a few nice places, but nothing has quite clicked for the both of us. A few arguments have been had over some, whilst others we agreed unanimously that it wasn’t for us.

Mostly looking in the Old Portsmouth area (less students, nicer area and properties), it’s become clear to us that the opportunities are not coming up for us. Perhaps the area is too nice and no one wants to move out of there, or maybe we just can’t afford the properties that are coming up. Either way, we’ve started considering our options to move out of Portsmouth altogether.

Recently we began discussing Basingstoke – you get a lot more for your money and it at first seemed like it would work for us – I could commute to work, he was close enough to his family’s home so that he wouldn’t have to leave me overnight when he needed to go back for work (he mostly works from home, but when he goes into the office he goes with his Mum as they work together). Somehow, I got the impression the journey would be practically the same as it is currently. I was wrong.

So, just as soon as we got excited about the nice places we could afford, it has hit home that realistically we can’t move there anyway. It would cost me over twice as much to get into work, and it would take twice as long too. I honestly have no idea how I didn’t realise sooner.

This weekend we were going to go and look at Basingstoke for nice places to live which we planned before my realisation, but instead we’re now going there for a Gourmet Burger Kitchen lunch and a spot of shopping.

Have you ever had problems finding somewhere to live? 

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2 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home…”

  1. Aww that sounds so much like our first flat! It took us a long time to find something else too, our area is quite expensive but I needed to stay in it because of work and in the end we managed to buy instead of renting, but we were very lucky! I would say just keep looking in as,many places as you can, damp homes can be really bad for your health so you should get out of there as soon as you can, really the landlord should sort it but I know what they're like >.> I hope you manage to find the perfect home soon, don't give up hope 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment hun 🙂 Yeah I fully expected our first flat to not be our greatest! We rushed into the decision because we wanted our own place (we previously had a flat mate). We also don't really want to move from the area as it seems the most convenient and we do have a few friends here.

    We're also being rather fussy as it's a lot of money to pour away paying rent each month – we are definitely not in a position to buy as none of us have any savings and don't want to take out any loans. I'm sure we will find somewhere soon enough, as I do think the damp *is* affecting our health. We have raised it with our lettings agent a few times as they manage the apartment block but they seem to be ignoring us!

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