The Weirdest Google Searches

Have you ever gone to type in a search phrase on Google, and as you type, the automated list of suggestions as to what you might be searching for are generated – and they’re just plain weird?

This has happened to me a few times, so I thought I’d experiment and find some of the funnier and bizarre ones…

Right, number 2 just makes no sense – and number 4 is just plain sad…for such a generic starting phrase, Google could probably do with rethinking the suggestions for this one. Except number 1, depending on how useful the results are.

The last 3 results are a bit morbid, aren’t they?

Surely any device you are using to search Google, be it a computer, tablet or mobile, you’re going to have the time in one of the top or bottom corners?!

But… you are using Google.

What are the weirdest Google searches you have seen?

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