The Week I’ve Had

Hey all!
I hope you guys have had a good week. Just a little catch up post today to keep you in the loop about what I’ve been up to!

The beginning of the week wasn’t particularly thrilling – but on Wednesday I did my first video for the company I work for. Basically once a month each member of staff (who chooses to) will do a short video about a chosen relevant topic that gets uploaded to the company’s site, Youtube channel and gets shared across their social accounts. 
A slightly (incredibly) scary thought for someone who is not exactly brimming with confidence. I was rather nervous about the whole idea – but it’s good to do something you’re not 100% comfortable with sometimes!
On Thursday I wasn’t feeling particularly well – it has been a week of headaches and general run down feelings, so to avoid having to cook we got a Pizza Hut that night as I’d been craving it for a while! I do keep saying to myself that I need to eat healthier, and I am definitely considering going back to the gym again once the expensive months are over (so basically after Christmas!).
Friday was a good news day – o2 had been trying to call me this week (I assumed it was a PPI claim scam call until I answered it on Friday) and it turns out my contract is up and I’m due a free upgrade – hooray! Naturally I’ve gone for the new iPhone 5S which is due Monday at the latest I think. Pretty excited about setting it up. Since updating to ios7, my phone has been lagging a lot as the update isn’t really meant for the iPhone 4 so it’ll be good to see if it runs smoother on the new one.
Moving in to the weekend, we were both woken early to annoying loud banging on Saturday as some DIY started on the flat opposite us at 7:45am. We are so sick of living here, there was DIY going on in the flat below us for several months before, and we just can’t seem to catch a break. But anyway, Liam’s mum came to visit with her dog and we went for a pub lunch before heading to a local cake shop for some yummy pudding. 
Today we are attempting to chill out (despite the fact the banging started at 7:30am today!), watch Lord of the Rings and do some last minute cleaning for a flat inspection tomorrow morning.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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