The Ultimate Magazine

As a woman fast approaching my mid-twenties (25 in a couple of weeks!), I feel like for some time there hasn’t been a print magazine that has suited my interests.

I’m not particularly interested in fashion, and my interest in beauty is pretty much almost entirely confined to The Body Shop products. I also hate the whole notion of celebrity gossip, and trashy real life stories.

As a teenager, I read Kerrang! magazine, occasionally Rock Sound and I went through a bit of a phase with Glamour. Then as I got a bit older, I started delving in to Company, but still it just didn’t really have my best interests contained within the pages.

My hobbies and interests have always been a bit mash-mash, so I thought I’d gather some of the magazines I own which have their own elements to them that I do really enjoy in order to create The Ultimate Magazine!


A relatively new print publication, Blogosphere definitely taps in to my keen interest in blogging. It showcases other great blogs (although I do feel that it could be improved with less focus on already well established bloggers), and it has some hints and tips from bloggers, for bloggers.

The design of the magazine is spot on with what I would expect from a print publication, with beautiful photography and clearly laid out pages.

Total Film (and Empire too, really)

Whilst my interest in film is not at the very top of the list of loves, I do really enjoy reading interviews with actors, directors etc, and reading reviews of the latest movies out. I definitely feel women’s magazines don’t really go very much beyond fashion and beauty, so to throw in a little entertainment in the form of film and/or TV would be great.

Mollie Makes

Admittedly, I’ve only read the Bloggers special (it’s brilliant, by the way). I am not a hugely crafty person but I think if there was a magazine out there that touched upon craft without making it the sole purpose, I’d definitely give it a go. But I’m talking realistic crafting that doesn’t take forever/cost a bomb.

Back to the Bloggers special though – there’s some really brilliant and insightful content in there that goes way beyond the basic stuff we already know – so I’d love to see more of that, perhaps round other topics that might be of use!

Slimming World

Whilst my ability to stay ‘on plan’ has pretty much gone out the window, I still find the SW magazine really great for two reasons. Firstly, the recipes look divine and if I had more time/money to prepare fresh ingredients regularly, I’d definitely be utilising the magazine more. Secondly, are the interesting and great stories of those who have lost weight.

I wouldn’t necessarily want my Ultimate Magazine focused on weight loss – in fact, it’d be amazing to see the principles of SW mag stories being used to profile the careers of successful women (and men) to inspire people.

So there we have it – 4 magazines that if magically combined would create the best magazine ever. What would make up your ultimate mag?

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  1. Rachael

    After growing up on NME magazine, I've neglected them in the last six or so years, having so many different tastes and interests nothing really appeals to me. I normally just read whatever the husband buys (if he ever buys them), we sometimes sign up for National Geographic and local Midwest travel mags too. Otherwise, I just read blogs I guess.

  2. Cat Fyson

    I had an NME phase, but it didn't last that long! I think my problem is the same, my taste is so varied that nothing really pinpoints everything! x

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