The Two Pieces Of Equipment You Need To Start Vlogging

vlogging equipment for beginners

I am by no means a vlogging expert – not even a bit. But when Vikki asked me on Twitter what kit I used for my vlogs, I figured it might actually be of interest to a few people. Ya never know.

There are two pieces of equipment that I feel you really do need as a vlogger. A camera (duh), and a tripod. You don’t have to have soft boxes, fancy microphones or other audio visual kit. The simpler the better, and the more transportable if you vlog on the go!

Of course, this is just my opinion and a more seasoned vlogger might have a list as long as their arm of the things they think you need to vlog such as those selfie stick things, a proper attachable microphone etc etc. So I should really add the disclaimer here that the kit I use is pretty basic and really mostly for those just starting out with Youtube. If you get really into it, you might want to start investing in other bits and pieces to improve the quality of your videos.

So – let’s get more specific about the tech I use, shall we?

The camera: Canon G7X

I jumped onto the G7X bandwagon quite early, as I have the mark i model. There is a mark ii which has now pretty much replaced the camera I have but I find mine is fit for purpose and the mark ii is pretty expensive to upgrade to!

The G7X seemed to be the favourable camera for vloggers because it’s super compact, the quality is pretty decent and it also has a flip up screen which makes it much easier to ensure you are still in focus as you carry the camera around. Oh, and for checking yo hair and yo face are on point as you record.

The only downsides to the G7X I have are that the focus does sometimes get a bit confused (although easily fixed by tapping the desired focal point on screen), and the battery does have a tendency to drop from 3 bars to 1 and then die dramatically. Buying a back up battery isn’t really an easy option either as they are hella expensive!

Still, I do love my little camera as it also works great for my blog photos. At the time, I spent about £550 on it, but the mark ii is now marginally cheaper at £520 on Amazon.

Here are a few cheaper alternatives which seem to be comparable from reviews I’ve seen online:

Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-HX90V – £319 – Amazon
Nikon Coolpix S9900 – £243 – Amazon

The tripod: Manfrotto Compact

I was very fortunate to be gifted my tripod for Christmas by my Dad. I’d asked for a basic tripod suitable for DSLR’s as I was using my Nikon DSLR at the time. Luckily for me, by Dad works in the broadcast industry and knew the right people to ask to get a decent tripod that a pro wouldn’t sniff at but wouldn’t cost a bomb.

Manfrotto was the brand that came up as being the one to have, and so my Dad ended up getting me one of their Compact models which has adjustable legs and a detachable plate for attaching to a camera. I keep the plate on the tripod and simply attach the camera by twisting it on to the metal screw on the plate…I find that much easier than having to remove the plate from the camera every time I need to remove the battery or memory card!

My tripod is great because the legs collapse down to quite a small height meaning it can be placed on surfaces (i.e my coffee table which I do when recording the Won’t Grow Up podcast), but they expand pretty tall too for those times you want to take outfit photos.

I couldn’t find my exact model on Amazon, so here’s a similar Manfrotto tripod which retails at £34.99.

Tripods can come much cheaper, or much more expensive depending on what you want. The pricier models will have a spirit level to ensure your shots or footage is completely straight (less important for vlogging!), whereas the cheaper models might not be as adjustable in height.

If you’re planning on giving vlogging a go, don’t invest too much up front. As with anything, you may not end up liking it and it’d suck to have spent a fortune on equipment for a hobby that doesn’t last! Give it a go with your existing camera…even if the quality isn’t perfect, it’s better to dip your toes in to the water before diving in!

key vlogging equipment for beginners

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  1. October 8, 2017 / 11:10 am

    Great review! I’m definitely aiming to purchase both of these products at some point in future as I always hear great things! 😀


    • Cat
      October 8, 2017 / 8:48 pm

      Thanks Kate! The G7X is a great camera and a great camera needs a great tripod! If you have any questions on either of them, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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