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The Real Burger Kitchen Chichester milkshake

Since moving to our new place, we have taken a few trips to Chichester, being that it is only 10 minutes on the train and around 20 by car.

To break the classic lunch time tradition of going to Nandos (seriously, pretty much any time we go shopping anywhere, we end up in Nandos), one time that we visited Chi we decided to try somewhere new and unique to the town.

So, due to a burger craving on my part, we ended up visiting The Real Burger Kitchen.

RBK is located on South Street in Chichester, and is quite easy to miss as the entrance is the width of a flight of stairs which you must first climb in order to reach the restaurant.

When you walk in, the first thing you notice is the back wall which is lined with lots of American products such as hot sauces, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, Jelly Belly sodas, and lots more US themed goodies. Below these items are a few screens which are hooked up to the Internet. If you are lucky enough to be seated in one of the spacious booths, you can access these screens and use the free Wifi to browse while you wait.

When we arrived, the restaurant was quite busy with just a booth and 2 seater table left. We were led to the 2 seat table (although I was hoping for the booth!), and I had to squeeze through the small gap between the tables to get to my seat. I’m not really a big fan of cramped up tables for obvious reasons, but the restaurant is tiny so they aren’t really left with much choice.

The menu at RBK is quite standard for a smaller burger bar – you don’t have as much choice as Gourmet Burger Kitchen for instance, but the choices you have are very themed, with names such as The Cabby and The Mexican. As well as the burgers, there are plenty of starters such as Buffalo wings, and a selection of desserts including waffles.

The drinks choices are quite comprehensive – from milkshakes to beers. Naturally, I opted for a strawberry milkshake which was so delicious I ended up drinking two. The milkshakes are all made from top quality ice cream, but I do think they are a bit stingy with how much you get for your money.

Chicken and bacon burger

To eat, I ordered a Chargrilled chicken burger, supplementing ‘normal’ mayo for garlic, and Liam went for the St George beef burger which came with Stilton (plus he had a starter of Buffalo wings). Both burgers came with ‘shoestring’ fries (whatever that means!), and thankfully the gherkins on the side instead of tucked hidden in the burger. Hurrah!

The portion sizes were pretty good for your money, and I didn’t feel too full up after the food which is always a plus when you consider you need to walk back down the stairs on the way out. Unfortunately, my chicken was a little overcooked and therefore dry, with not enough garlic mayo to compensate. Nevertheless, it still tasted nice and the burger bun and salad was nice and fresh. The chips were nothing to write home about, which is a pity because I could probably write a sonnet about how much I love GBK’s skinny fries.

Perhaps it is unfair to compare RBK and GBK, but they do essentially have the same ethos – creating great burgers. GBK for me is the clear winner in the Burger-Off, even if they did stop selling my favourite one. Bring back Pesterella!

I would still recommend giving RBK a try if you happen to be visiting Chichester and are hankering after a patty in a bun, as it is good value and the atmosphere (despite being cramped up) is good.

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