The Obligatory Christmas Tree Post – With A Difference

All across the blogosphere people are sharing photos of their beautiful Christmas trees which I have genuinely enjoyed (as well as being a little envious to get a glimpse at the beautiful houses they are in too).

So, I thought I’d share a few little snap shots of our rather unique Christmas tree, which in comparison to most looks a bit sorry for itself. But it’s ours, and I love it anyway. It’s a bit like an underdog. Check it out.

We bought the little black tree last year from Paperchase. The decorations have evolved a little from last year, having got a few as gifts. There’s no deliberate theme to the tree (although I guess it’s definitely animals), and I’ve done my best to make it not look like a random mess.

This adorable robin, and the owl below were gifts from Liam from Clintons – I think they were part of the Boofle range last year – I hope they’re back this year as they really are so sweet. 

The penguin on the left and meercat on the far right were presents from my Mum and I think they were both from Accessorize. Me and my Mum always gift each other at least one Xmas dec from Accessorize every year as they are always too cute to resist!

The cat on the left is also from Accessorize, and has a little bell on its collar. I just love the fairisle style knit of his fur. The dog on the right is originally from Wilkinsons, but I picked him up in a charity shop for about 50p.

As well as our ‘normal’ Christmas tree (not that you can really call it that), we also have a minute one which was bought by my Mum from Paperchase – which coincidentally is where all the mini baubles and stars on it are from. This tree sits on a little side table and is pretty much just for adding a bit more Xmas cheer!

If you have blogged about your festive decorations, do share your links!

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