The Love/Hate Tag

Recently the wonderful Rachel from Illustrated Teacup (best blog name ever, right?) tagged me in the Love/Hate tag. I thought it was a good opportunity to share a bit more about my passions, as well as my peeves here on the blog, so without further adieu…

The Rules

The chosen blogger must write about ten things they love, and ten things they hate and then nominate 10 bloggers to take part. I’m going to be honest right now and cop out by nominating anyone who wants to do it!

10 Loves 

1. My Family. Obv I love my family. Me and my Mum are pretty close as we’re quite similar, but I definitely see some of my qualities in my Dad too. Even my brother is tolerable sometimes.

2. Graphic Novels. I never thought I’d get into graphic novels/comics, but I have grown to really love the medium. I especially enjoy horror comics like The Walking Dead.

3. Chocolate. I am a total chocoholic – the words Cadbury’s, Nutella and Belgian Chocolate alone will whip me into a frenzy. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I really do blood love chocolate.

4. Tea. Because British, obv. A day is not complete without a cuppa. Fact.

5. Notebooks. I have sooo many notebooks for jotting down blog post ideas, important stuff and sometimes not so important stuff. I love the types of notebooks you can pop into your bag and quickly reach when inspiration hits you (or you need to make a shopping list).

6. Early nights and late mornings. I love sleeping. Sleeping is awesome. I definitely get more sleep than I need sometimes, but I usually feel pretty refreshed afterwards!

7. Hot showers. Like steaming hot. I love the warmth of a hot shower and absolutely hate baths.

8. The smell of the sea. Definitely a benefit of living so close to the seafront is that amazing salty sea smell. When away from the sea, I will settle for the smell of The Body Shop’s seaweed products.

9. Dogs. I miss having dogs so much. They are the most wonderful creatures, and I am determined to get a dog of my own when I’m more settled and can provide it with a lovely life :).

10. The music from my teens. Honestly, who needs new music when you can listen to old school Fall Out Boy?! I do like some modern artists too, but I always go back to trusty favourites from the days when I was a lot more into my music.

10 Hates 

1. Fish. Just won’t eat it. Ick.

2. Being unwell. I have the worst immune system, and also get vestibular migraines when I do get unwell (which basically makes a crappy situation 10x worse). I do not deal well with illness and very much feel sorry for myself until I recover!

3. High heels. I know I should really try and get used to high heels because I’m so short and they are only there to help, but I never feel comfortable in them (unless they have a really chunky heel!), and my feet always end up in agony afterwards.

4. Ignorance. Just in general, y’know? It frustrates me that people actively choose to be ignorant, too.

5. RNB music. Totally OK if you love it, I just don’t get it at all. Blergh.

6. Mice. Absolutely terrified of them. I hate how quickly they move, and seeing one makes me feel sick.

7. Junk post. Post is meant to be exciting, so getting a wodge of takeaway leaflets and vouchers for rubbish I’m not going to buy bothers me more than it should.

8. Large crowds. Being as short as I am, crowds are not ideal. I don’t mind at gigs (I used to mosh like the best of ’em), but when on a busy Tube train (which luckily doesn’t happen often!) and other tight-space situations with lots of people makes me feel horrible!

9. Snobbery. Now, I don’t mind if you’re a bit snobby about the types of tea you like to drink, but if you are snobby about things for the sake of it then just leave, please.

10. Animal cruelty. For obvious reasons.

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