the i bar Southsea

The i bar southsea roast dinner

At the weekend, me and Liam were meant to be going bowling and for lunch with our (couple) friends Emma and Nick. Unfortunately on that morning, Emma was unwell and had to call it off. So, instead me and Liam decided to trade in bowling for a trip into town so he could buy comics, and then go for a roast dinner lunch at our local Italian restaurant, the i bar.

We came across the i bar a while ago and saw they did roasts on a Sunday, so we banked that info and I’m glad we did, because the food was rather tasty. I had beef brisket, and Liam had lamb. My beef was delicious and cooked beautifully – it cut easily and was not at all tough. As tasty as it was though, it seemed odd to me that there was no seasoning on the table, and when we asked for mint sauce for Liam, it was brought out in its pot (the Colman’s stuff), and there was only a teaspoon of the stuff left. Liam made do and still really enjoyed his meal, but it would have been nice to have more available!

Despite this, we still enjoyed ourselves – the atmosphere was nice, they had strawberry and lime Kopperberg which is always a plus, and the price was great for the quality of food too. If you ever happen to visit Southsea or come from the area, definitely check the place out – we’ll be going back again when we rearrange our day out with Emma and Nick in a few weeks!

Check out the i bar website here

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