The Healthier Caramel Hot Chocolate

Healthy Caramel Hot Chocolate ingredients

So I don’t know about you, but caramel hot chocolate is totally my vice at this time of year. Nothing makes me warmer than this creamy sweet drink.

Problem is, what you get from the coffee shop is always loaded with calories. They use full fat milk and cream, sugary thick syrups and richly naughty cocoa. This is fine every once in a while, but for hot choccy addicts like me, I indulge quite a lot! So, to feel a little less guilty about the whole thing, I’ve started making this healthier (and infinitely cheaper) version at home.

Before I share my method, I first want to sing my praises about Sweetbird. A colleague in my last job introduced me to this sugar free syrup (yes, you heard me…SUGAR FREE!). It’s only 3 calories per 100ml, and I just had to buy a bottle for myself from Amazon. They do full fat syrups too in lots of different flavours, so I highly recommend having a look at their site.

Anyway…on with the ‘recipe’!


– Options Belgian Choc Instant Hot Chocolate (or any other low calorie one!)
– Sweetbird Sugar Free Caramel Flavoured Syrup
– Semi Skimmed Milk (you can use skimmed to be even healthier, but I find it makes a hot chocolate taste odd)
– Anchor Light Squirty Cream (optional!)


Healthy hot chocolate

First of all, add the recommended amount of hot chocolate powder to your mug. Then add enough milk to cover the powder and give it a really good stir. This stops your drink from getting lumpy, and also makes it creamier!

Sweetbird sugar free caramel syrup
Next, add 2-3 caps worth of the syrup. You can buy separate pumps for the syrups but seeing as they aren’t sticky, pouring it into the cap doesn’t get particularly messy unless you’re clumsy!

Give that a stir before adding the remainder of the milk (leave a 1-2cm space for your whipped cream if you like).

Hot chocolate with milk
Don’t worry if there’s a few extra bits of powder at the top, these will be easier to stir out once you’ve started warming up the milk.
To warm it up, pop the mug in the microwave for 1 minute. Take it out and stir for 30 seconds, then put it back in for 1 minute (this is based on a 900w microwave so adjust accordingly!). This will make the drink pretty hot, so don’t take a sip just yet!
low calorie hot chocolate with whipped cream
Finally, add squirty cream as required! Mine looks a little messy due to the fact my microwave occasionally makes liquids erupt like a volcano, but at least most of it stayed in the mug! 
Et voila! One healthier but still indulgent caramel hot chocolate!
Sweetbird’s syrup is also awesome mixed in with porridge, and I’m sure it’s wonderful with coffees and baking too! Most of their products are on Amazon, and cost around £10 for 1 litre…which is what I bought, and will last ages.

Have you tried any sugar free syrups before? Any other recommendations of flavours to give a go?

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