The Collective Dairy Passionfruit Yoghurt

Passionfruit creamy yoghurt
Do you ever see a food item in the shops in the corner of your eye that just screams TRY ME? Maybe that’s just me, but this is exactly what happened in my local Co-Op recently. 
I love passionfruit, and was totally drawn in by the cutesy label (not to mention the amazing company logo), but also seeing through the container to the tasty looking yoghurt inside. It didn’t take me long to dip my spoon in and give it a go. After paying for it, of course.

I’m surprised I haven’t come across The Great Dairy Collective before – they seem to have a similar branding vibe to innocent drinks, as you can see from the message below.

But I’m glad I have come across them because judging by their website, they have some other delicious flavours of yoghurt that I must try. 
Anyway, back to the passionfruit.

Dairy collective yoghurt
Upon opening the lid, there is a swirl of thick live yoghurt mixed with layers of passionfruit, seeds included. I mixed the yoghurt up a bit before spooning some into a bowl. The 500g tub is pretty big, so I’ll definitely get a few more bowls out of it which is great.
The taste is really amazing – passionfruit has a lovely sweet but slightly sharp taste to it, but is so refreshing. Because the yoghurt is nice and thick, it’s quite filling too but not too rich. The slight crunch of the seeds is a nice touch too.
If you’re a fan of passionfruit, I guarantee you’ll like this – a lot. If you’re not a fan, there’s always lemon, fudge, cherry and pomegranate, mango or plain (otherwise known as ‘sweet jane’). I’m definitely going to be on the look out for the lemon and mango tubs in particular!

Yoghurt with passionfruit coulis
Have you tried any Great Dairy Collective products? 

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