The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

Body Shop Vitamin E skincare

Anyone who reads my Beauty posts will notice that I always harp on about The Body Shop. I’ve done another range post before on the Seaweed offering, and I’m definitely not done with reviewing TBS products.

Honestly, on the most part I just find that they really work for me. Plus, if you sign up to their newsletters you get amazing deals a lot. Amazing deals = more products for me to share here!

Anyway…first of all, this is not the whole complete range. It is however the products that appealed most to me for my skins needs. Naturally, we’re all different but I have found Vitamin E to be pretty darn good for my sensitive/combo skin.

Let’s take a look at what I’ve got, and how they perform.

Lip Balm

Vitamin e lip balm

Moisturising lip balm

Vitamin E lip balm swatch

I’m a big, big fan of this staple product. If you like your lip balm simple, fragrance free and good at leaving a nice gloss on your lips then definitely give this chapstick a chance.

This product makes your lips suitably shiny without looking unnatural or being sticky, and also doesn’t wear off the second a drink comes in contact with your mouth.

Moisture Cream

Vitamin E moisturiser

Vitamin e cream consistency

This moisturising face cream is pretty thick and on initial application does feel a bit heavy. It also makes my face shine like crazy.

After a little while it seems to settle, so if you want intense moisture, slap this on early on to let it sink in and become more matte.

Sink In Mask

Vitamin E mask

Sink in soft face mask

This mask was a bit of a frivolous purchase considering how much I love and trust my Honey & Oat mask, but sometimes you’ve got to branch out, you know?

I think this thick and luxurious mask will find itself more useful once the weather gets colder and my skin gets a bit drier. At the moment, it sits on top and again makes my face as glossy as a…glossy magazine? It just looks silly.

When using this (Winter or otherwise), I’d recommend being pretty conservative with the amount you put on as it will only really properly sink in by using a small amount.

BB Cream

Vitamin E BB cream

Tinted bb cream
Vitamin E bb cream on face

I’m fairly certain I missed the boat on the whole BB cream hype. I never really got it, and to be honest I’m not entirely sure I really do now.

On application the cream at first felt a bit heavy, and required a decent amount of blending before it felt like it sat properly on my skin. It did provide a bit of a cooling sensation, made my skin look slightly dewy (see the picture above), and also gave it a subtle colour. Three ticks in terms of living up to expectation. But I cannot shake the feeling that it’s not doing my skin much good.

I did accidentally leave it on overnight, and woke up the next day with stupidly dry skin around my nose. So yeah, definitely don’t do that.

Facial Oil

Vitamin E face oil

Facial oil for dry skin

What is it exactly that possessed me to buy facial oil? I’m not entirely sure. Do I like it? I’m not entirely sure. I think again it’s a product that is going to be more useful to me in the Winter when my skin just rebels like crazy.

When applying it, it doesn’t feel particularly great on my skin and it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much good at the moment. Will perhaps report back when/if the cold snap hits!

Have you tried out any of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range? View the full collection here.

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  1. Toni C

    I love the Vitamin E range – Body Shop skincare generally is pretty good actually. I really like the Serum-in-oil for when my skin is dry. If your skin is normal / combination I would suggest trying the Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet as it's much lighter. The mask should either stay on for 10mins then tissue off the excess or leave it on overnight – you should find it sinks in better then xx

  2. Cat Fyson

    It's a lovely range! Body Shop is my go to for skincare now…it might not be the cheapest but I think that its longevity is worth the extra pennies.

    Thank you for the tip! I'll have to add the Aqua Sorbet to my wishlist 🙂 x

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