The Body Shop VIP Blogger Event

the body shop vip blogger event

the body shop vip blogger event talk

It’s been so long since I last went to a blogger event, that I don’t even remember how long it was. So, when I was able to move some things around to go along to a VIP Bloggers night at The Body Shop in Chichester, I jumped at the chance.

It was my first blogger event with The Body Shop, but I was greeted by the genuinely lovely staff, and also had the opportunity to meet some really nice local bloggers as well. I felt really at ease straight away (although maybe the glass of prosecco helped a bit too?)

If you haven’t been to an event at The Body Shop before, the general format is that you can mix and mingle for a bit before a talk is given by the staff about the company and their new products. It was really great to hear more about the company’s mission to put an end to animal testing and also how they are working hard to make all of their products 100% vegan. Although I am not vegan (or vegetarian) myself, I do try and do my bit by opting for cruelty-free products. It’s why The Body Shop is 100% my go-to for skincare, body care and makeup.

After the talk, there was a brief demonstration of a summer festival makeup look which was really simple but looked great. Makeup isn’t really my thing but I was impressed by how pigmented the eyeshadows were! Once the demo was finished, we were free to browse the store and ask the staff members any questions about any of the product ranges. While this was going on, we were treated to some Wagamamas goodness. In the spirit of the vegan-themed evening, I opted for the vegan Pad Thai which was delicious.

the body shop vegan body yoghurt range

The main product that they were promoting as part of the evening was the new body yoghurts, a moisturiser that takes just 15 seconds to fully absorb – a claim proved when we tried some of the delicious smelling mango one on our hands! The yoghurts are supposed to provide up to 48 hours of moisture and are best used after you’ve showered when the skin is still slightly damp…much like their body butters.

I couldn’t resist picking up the almond milk body yoghurt, the best option for sensitive skin. It smells gorgeous and has a gel-like texture so is not as rich to the skin as I find the body butters to be. These yoghurts literally smell good enough to eat!

the body shop facial mist range

In addition to the body yoghurts, another recent product launch they were plugging was the new facial mists. Each mist has different benefits, but I was drawn to the Mint Mattifying face mist mostly because it smells like mojitos! It’s also super refreshing and helps make my skin look less shiny when it’s hot, hot, hot. It doesn’t mess up your makeup either which is a huge plus. I just had to pick this up and I can definitely see me carrying this around in my handbag every day!

There is also a new men’s range, and some popular products have had a facelift too. The packaging is a lot more modern and because I sadly forgot to take a photo of the products, you should go and check them out instore because the packaging used to be awful and now I wouldn’t be ashamed to gift one of these products to Liam.

So onto what I got…

the body shop skincare haul

I apologise for the awful photo, but the ever-changing weather has made taking photos a nightmare! So as I mentioned, I bought the almond body yoghurt and mint facial mist, but with 30% all items instore, I couldn’t resist picking up a few extras!

As the facial mist was in a 3 for 2, I picked up the shea lip butter and almond and honey travel size hand cream. We were all lucky enough to be gifted the almond and honey shower cream and body butter gift set as well so I’m going to smell like an almond for a v v long time.

Finally, I have been keen for a while to try out their improved face masks range, so the staff were kind enough to provide samples of all of them to see which works best for me. I think the Ethiopian honey mask may be the winner, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Stay tuned to my Youtube channel for reviews of some of these products in the near(ish) future once I’ve given them a try.

Are you going to try any of the new ranges, or do you have your favourite staples from The Body Shop? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Nicole

    The face mists look lovely – I bet the mint one is mega refreshing on a hot day! I couldn’t make the Body Shop event when they had one in Southampton s I’m super jealous now having read your post about it! Amazing that they’re making such a commitment to vegan and cruelty free products too! 😀 x

    1. Post

      I think I’m going to have to go and buy all of the other face mists because I’m so in love with the mint one! That’s a shame you couldn’t make the event, this is the 3rd event they’ve held in Chichester but the first one I’ve been able to go to! Yeah it’s fantastic that they are so committed to it as it makes going CF with my beauty products much easier as I mostly buy from them! x

  2. Sam

    Ah I am so tempted to get the body yogurts! Especially the Almond Milk & Honey, my absolute fav range. I have such sensitive skin Body Shop products are the only products I trust! It’s a shame my bank account never agrees ha. I’m super jealous of your invite! Hope you had an amazing time! x

    1. Post

      They are well worth a try – and cheaper than I expected too! I have used the almond one every day since I got it and it’s so good. It really does absorb super quick and makes my skin feel nice and smell gorgeous! I also have super sensitive skin and feel the same way – I don’t trust any other brand anymore. They can put a dent in the bank account but are so worth it (plus if you’re a Love our Body member you get pretty good deals on a regular basis too!) x

      1. Sam

        You’ve convinced me! Can’t wait to try the Almond Milk & Honey one now. Yeah completely agree, I can’t trust any other brand especially with their no animal testing policies. I struggle to trust other brands but I know I can trust Body Shop. Yeah my Body Shop membership card is like my life! I never leave home without it just in case haha. x

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