The Body Shop Seaweed Range

The Body Shop seaweed skincare collection

Any of you who followed my last blog before it died and was reborn as the blog you see here, will know that I did a little review of The Body Shop’s seaweed range a while ago.

I wanted to write another review, as a retrospective now that I’ve been using the products for a long time now. So first of all, what here’s which items I have:

– Facial Exfoliator
– Day Cream
– Night Treatment
– Toner
– Cleanser
– Pore Perfector

(So that’s basically everything except the Ionic Clay Mask and Mattifying Moisture Lotion)

Judging by how much of the stuff I have, you can probably tell what direction this review is going. I love this range. I was concerned at first that it was going to dry up my skin or cause it to go red (it’s sensitive like that). Luckily, it instead moisturises and makes my skin feel super duper smooth.

My favourite item has to be the Facial Exfoliator. If you don’t like the ‘bits’ in facial scrubs, then you probably won’t like this product but it is amazing at buffing my skin and making it feel awesome.

The Cleanser and Toner are also great – the bottles in the picture are my second batch, purchased before I even finished the first because I just knew I’d want to continue using them. The cleanser does a great job of lifting off dirt and makes your skin feel really fresh. The toner is a little harsher if you have sensitive skin – it doesn’t sting, but it does make my cheeks go a little red!

I wear the Day Cream every day, and its perfect for slapping onto my face in the morning to wake me up – the smell of all of these products just reminds me of being at the beach and taking in the sea air. That might sound cheesy, but it’s true.

The Night Treatment and Pore Perfector have not really delivered any results for me to say they’re doing their job (this is mostly because I only use them on rare occasions), but again they smell and feel great anyway!

Have you tried any of the seaweed range? Or do you prefer other The Body Shop products?

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  1. Call it Adventure

    I've gone through at least five tubs of the mattifying day cream. It is my moisturizer of choice by far! It took me ages to find one that worked with my combo skin without drying it out or making it super oily and I finally found one! I don't use any of the cleansers from that range, I actually use Lush and Nutrogena as my daily cleansers, but I have used the Ionic Clay mask and it's actually really nice as long as you only use it like twice a month, max. At least for me, it dries my skin out too much if I use it more than that.

  2. Cat Fyson

    It's wonderful isn't it?! I still love it. I agree that it's perfect for combo skin – mine varies from super dry to oily so it's nice to be able to balance it out!

    I can't get on with Lush cleansers at all – for the price and faff of using them, they just don't deliver for me.

    I imagine the ionic clay mask to be pretty intense – The Body Shop's Honey & Oat mask is to die for and can be used more regularly. It makes my skin feel sooo smooth. I'll have to review it one day!

    Thanks for your comment 🙂 and sorry it's taken so long to reply! x

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