The Body Shop Hits & Misses – What Works For Me

The Body Shop products
Those of you who have read my blog for a while now, or checked out my Youtube channel, will know that I am a big fan of The Body Shop products. I have some firm faves, but like any beauty brand – not all products will be my cup of tea.

This may be because my skin is SUPER sensitive, or maybe the product smells gross or something. But no matter the reason, some products just end up letting you down by flaring up your skin, or just doing nothing at all to it.

So, I thought in my most recent Youtube video I would go through three of my favourite The Body Shop products, and three of my least favourites. My hits, and misses, if you will.

My favourites feature one of the Hemp products that I’ve reviewed here before, whilst one of the ‘miss’ products is one of The Body Shop’s most popular items.

What works (and doesn’t work) for me may be completely different for you, but I wanted to share my perspective – especially as someone with such fussy skin who once upon a time thought that The Body Shop products just weren’t for her. Maybe you have had similar experiences, or maybe yours has been completely different – I’d love to know.

You can watch the video down below, and if you click through to it on Youtube you can also see all of the links to buy the products. And nup, this ain’t no ad I just like to share my thoughts and feelings about The Body Shop stuff because in general, I like their products.


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