The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Sorbet Review

pink grapefruit body sorbet the body shop
pink grapefruit moisturiser review
As someone burdened with sensitive skin, I usually run a mile from fragranced moisturisers. However, a little while ago, I stepped into The Body Shop store in Brighton and started attacking the pink grapefruit products with my nose.
The conclusion I came to was that I was basically in love and wanted this smell all up on me. So, the body sorbet ended up coming home with me.

How to use The Body Shop Body Sorbet

I’ve used this moisturiser on numerous occasions now (as well as the Virgin Mojito variation, too), and every time I am left smelling amazing, my skin feels smooth and my usually pesky eczema is kept at bay.

All you have to do is apply like a normal moisturiser – it doesn’t take too much massaging in either which is a bonus! I love a moisturiser that absorbs quickly, because I tend to put it on before putting clothes on. Ain’t no one got time to wait around for a moisturiser to dry. We all live busy lives. This body sorbet is the dream though, as it soaks immediately without the skin drying out, and isn’t sticky at all. Result!
You can see that the texture does look a little gloopy, but it isn’t at all. It rubs straight in with no problems. I even find when popping on a top or trousers after that my clothes don’t stick to me either.
I truly recommend giving the body sorbets a go, even if pink grapefruit isn’t for you – there’s a selection of other fragrances available too. The Virgin mojito is a lime-scented fantasy if you’re after something a little more refreshing than sweet.
Have you tried any of The Body Shop body sorbets? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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    OOh this looks gorgeous – I love pink grapefruit so am certain to love this. Thanks so much for adding this link to the link up – sadly it ends tomorrow so why not pop onto the new link up and link up this weeks favourite beauty post x

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