The Body Shop Hemp Face & Hand Creams

The Body Shop Hemp Range

Oh winter skin, why must you be so cantankerous? Why must you make my face and hands patchy with incredibly attractive dry flakiness?

When the winter chill kicks in (it was pretty late this year, am I right?), it’s time to change up my everyday skincare. I have to trade in my trusty Seaweed products for thicker moisturising and hydrating staples. This year, I fancied trying out some different products in the form of The Body Shop’s Hemp range. No, they do not smell like Camden on a Saturday afternoon, and yes, they are not too shabby at all.

The Hemp Intensive hand butter is great for rubbing on my hands after my morning shower – hot water tends to dry my skin out a fair amount, and when my hands get dry they look about 100 years old. Not ideal.

The great thing about this butter is that you don’t need much of it at all. This little pot is going to last a long time. It’s also not sticky, which is always a plus when you’re using this butter on the go.┬áIt has a slight fragrance to it, but it isn’t unpleasant. Thumbs up, chucks!

Moving on to the face protector – I was looking for something to use instead of my Neal’s Yard hydrating cream. I still like the NY product, and it works well, but sometimes you gotta shake things up and try something new, y’know? I’m glad I did because I am already starting to prefer the Hemp product as it’s not quite as perfumed as the NY one. It doesn’t do quite as good of a job as smoothing my skin but it definitely prevents the sexy dry patches and redness I would get without it. Double thumbs up!

If you do have hella dry skin, I would give these two beauties a go. In my mind, The Body Shop can do no wrong with their skincare, and I am yet to be disappointed by a product.

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