The Body Shop Favourites: My Six Essentials [Video]

I’ve made my triumphant return to Youtube, hooray! I’m really pleased with the quality now, and even the sound isn’t too shabby considering it’s using the camera’s in-built mic.

I’m still testing the waters with Youtube, so I know my videos are far from perfect, but I do feel I’m developing in terms of both the quality and the limited amount of editing I do.

This time, my video is about my current The Body Shop essential products, those I use on a regular basis and absolutely love*. I have loads more products that I really enjoy as well, so I may have to make more videos in the future!

I’d really love it (if you want to) if you could subscribe to my channel, and let me know any feedback on how I can improve!

* I realised I say that they all “smell amazing”…which they do, but I’ll try think of more adjectives next time!

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Ooh I'll have to give it a go! I'm eyeing up their new spa range at the mo which looks dreamy!

    Really pleased with the camera quality, can't wait to play with it some more 🙂 x

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